Procedural Update: CRIMINAL MINDS Recap – “True Night” (3×10)

CRIMINAL MINDS - Frankie Muniz as Jonny McHale in “True Night”

[Warning: This post may contain spoilers]

Let’s talk about the latest CBS’ CRIMINAL MINDS episode, “True Night” (Season 3 Episode 10). What a trip!

This was a different episode that we are used to, mainly due to the fact that Frankie Muniz was guest starring and the episode focused on him more than the FBI team.

I personally really enjoyed “True Night” and Frankie Muniz’ performance as comic book artist Jonny McHale really drew me in. The back and forth between the comic look and the “reality” look added a new dimension and was an original way to tell the story through the eyes of Jonny McHale, plus it reminded me of the “Sin City” look, which I love.

I have to admit that I totally saw the “Vicki was killed” coming. I cannot say that the story was really original in that essence, but what did make it compelling and different was the way it was told through the help of comics and a protagonist that was both victim and killer.

Even though we didn’t see much of how the FBI caught him and the whole profiling aspect, I feel that in a way we did get into Jonny McHale’s head by following him around. Plus the payoff was awesome. For once the killer wasn’t some messed up in the head person, but a normal person who went through such a horrible trauma that resulted in him seeking justice the only way he knew how – by living out his own comic books.

Finally, it was so nice to see Frankie Muniz on TV again. It was different from his Malcolm character on Malcolm in the Middle for sure, but I enjoyed this new side of him on Criminal Minds.

What did you guys think? Did you enjoy Frankie Muniz performance? Share your thoughts below.