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Daemon's TV Thursdays TV Schedule Fall 2007

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My Name Is Earl

MY NAME IS EARL “Burn Victim” – 8pm NBC
After helping the Warden (Craig T. Nelson) out with numerous tasks, Earl has discovered that his sentence has been deducted to six months left in jail. However, the Warden is now faced in a major dilemma and needs Earl’s help. He promises Earl six months off his sentence if he will help him start a program that will mediate a situation between an inmate and their victim. Earl decides on an inmate who was in for running a meth lab that eventually burned his parent’s house down. The inmate agreed to comply if Earl would throw a prison prom, because he missed his in high school. Earl turns to Joy (Jaime Pressly) to help plan the prom and soon discovers it will cost him the rest of the money he had left from his lottery winnings. Will Earl solve the problem and earn his freedom?

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