QUARTERLIFE – A new online “TV” show

QUARTERLIFE - Scott M. Foster as Jed

I’ve been meaning to write about QUARTERLIFE for so long, I finally made it a point to write about it today.

Well first of all what is Quarterlife? It’s a new online series from Marshall Herskovitz and Edward Zwick, creators of “My So-Called Life,” “thirtysomething,” “Legends of the Fall,” and “Blood Diamond,” about a group of twentysomethings coming of age in the digital generation, and a social network about what it means to be creative, to pursue a passion, to make a difference in the world — or just to find a place in it.
I wrote about Quarterlife earlier this year and you can read the post here.

First of all, I would like to mention that I usually like watching shows on my TV rather than on my computer, but the good thing about Quarterlife is that each episode is only about 8 minutes, so it makes it ok and easy to follow. The way I approached Quarterlife is that I watched it as if it was a show I was watching on TV. Then I decided whether or not it lived up to those standards. I will admit that although Quarterlife wouldn’t be on my favorite TV show list, it would be on my weekly schedule. Let’s face it, Quarterlife is a typical “teenage drama” except that the characters are in their twenties, and who doesn’t love that?

Dylan Krieger (Bitsie Tulloch) is the main protagonist, but I found myself liking the Danny/Debra/Jed storyline. Nothing like a love triangle to spice things up!

I recommend you give at least the first episode a chance, you might be surprised by the quality of Quarterlife all around. It is definitely not your regular online series. And to make it easy on you, I posted the first two episodes of Quarterlife below. You can view the rest of the episodes on Quarterlife‘s official website or on Quarterlife‘s MySpace page.

New episodes are posted online every Sunday and Thursday night. There will be 36 episodes total.

In other news, NBC will air all 36 episodes as six one-hour episodes this spring.

Check out the first two parts from episodes 1 of Quarterlife below.

Quarterlife – Episode 1 Part 1

Quarterlife – Episode 1 Part 2