Procedural Update: Weekly Review – NCIS, BONES, and CSI NY

BONES - Emily Deschanel as Brennan and David Boreanaz as Booth in “The Knight on the Grid”

Fun week for procedural shows! Let’s discuss some of the highlights:

NCIS “Lost and Found”
This week’s episode was OK. I liked the character of the kid as a young DiNozzo. Also it was kind of fun to see each character play babysitter all throughout the show, except DiNozzo. What does that mean? Hmmm. Maybe I am overthinking it.

BONES “The Knight on the Grid”
Ok, what the hell? This was actually quite a compelling episode where we almost catch the Gormogon Killer (or like Booth would say the Gorgonzola Killer). But the last scene did not make sense at all. If you free a victim of a serial killer and fail to apprehend the suspect, doesn’t crime show logic dictate that you post a squad car to protect the would be victim?

CSI NY “One Wedding and A Funeral”
Finally, we are getting close to resolving the “333” Mystery on the show. I always hate it when procedurals resort to cheap story arcs that always end in a sad whimper. I can only guess that next week will reveal that this was all because some dude didn’t get justice as a kid and grew up to be a stalker/murderer. Wow, how original!