Weekly Recap, sort of… MOONLIGHT, THE OFFICE, and more…

So today was a busy day and I didn’t get a chance to get my weekly recap in, so here it is now. It’s time to take a look at some TV shows that I didn’t get a chance to talk about on Thursday and Friday.

THE OFFICE - Steve Carell as Michael Scott and Paul Lieberstein as Toby in “The Deposition”

THE OFFICE “The Deposition” – This episode was to say the least bittersweet. And the fact that it wasn’t one of the best episodes we’ve ever seen didn’t help matters. I am so sad we’re not going to get more of The Office this week. It feels so unreal. I did want to mention one thing about the episode though, I love Tobey (Paul Lieberstein), he just breaks my heart when Michael (Steve Carell) is mean to him. He is one of my favorite characters and at least the one good thing about the last episode from The Office is that I got to see Tobey one last time. See you next year!

GREY’S ANATOMY “Forever Young” – So one of the problems I have with Grey’s Anatomy is that George and Izzie were head over heels for each other and then all of a sudden they don’t speak to each other anymore. It leads me to wonder how in love they really were, seriously!

UGLY BETTY “I See Me, I.C.U.” – Love Betty and Henry! So I’ll leave it at that. What I was thinking during the episode though, is that poor actor Alan Dale, who plays Bradford Meade, seems to always have his characters die in shows. Ok maybe not always, but The O.C., as Caleb Nichol, and Ugly Betty, that’s already two.

MOONLIGHT “12:04 AM” – You know I have to talk about Moonlight. A little movement in Beth (Sophia Myles) and Mick (Alex O’Loughlin)’s relationship. How emotional was that scene when Beth tells Mick she knows he saved her as a kid? I just love their interaction, and of course the vampire thing is just very hot! Talking of Moonlight, I will also have a treat for you later this week so keep an eye out.