ONE TREE HILL – Fast Forward – Season 5 Preview Videos

The CW’s One Tree Hill - Cast

Cannot wait to get ONE TREE HILL back next year? The CW has made short episodes available on their website they call Fast Forward.

Each episode takes a look at where one of the characters is at when the season starts.

There will be six episodes total and it looks like they are adding them little by little, probably so that they last until the premiere of the new season 5 of One Tree Hill or close to it in January.

You can view them here on The CW’s website.

I have to admit that I am curious to see what they come up with for season 5, but I am torn because I swore that I wouldn’t watch One Tree Hill anymore after the cancellation of Veronica Mars. Damn… ok so maybe I’ll check out the first episode and only keep watching if it’s really, really, really, really good.

You can view the promo for the One Tree Hill fast forward videos below.