Procedural Update: CRIMINAL MINDS – “Lucky” Recap and Cannibalism

CRIMINAL MINDS - Paget Brewster as Agents Emily Prentiss and Joe Mantegna as Agent David Rossi in “Lucky”

So I’ll be doing the Procedural Update for CBS’CRIMINAL MINDS “Lucky” this week because Eric was unavailable (how dare he have another life besides Daemon’s TV, right?). Anyway, it’s not all bad because I got to watch a pretty awesome episode of Criminal Minds. I used to watch it every week, but the subject matter got to me after a while. Still I do enjoy it once in a while and “Lucky” was one of the better episodes I have seen from the show.

[This recap will contain spoilers]

Gideon is out, Rossi is in – This is the first episode I see with Gideon’s (Mandy Patinkin) replacement Rossi (Joe Mantegna). First I have to mention that the initial reason I was interested in watching Criminal Minds was because of Mandy Patinkin, so it’s harder for me to accept a replacement for him.
What’s the verdict on Joe Mantegna? Well, one thing’s for sure, Rossi is no Gideon. That is not to say Joe Mantegna is not a wonderful actor (I still think of him as the father in Joan of Arcadia) but he is a different actor than Mandy Patinkin is and at this point it’s a matter of preferences and I’ll admit that I liked Gideon’s style better. For some reason I don’t get the vibe “I know about profiling and can get into any killer’s head” from Rossi that I got from Gideon. At this point, I can only slowly accept Rossi as part of the team. All I’m saying is I need a little mourning period to get over Gideon leaving.

CRIMINAL MINDS - Jamie Kennedy in “Lucky”

Jamie Kennedy = Serial Killer? – Somehow I never pictured Jamie Kennedy as the serial killer type… Looks like I was wrong. Not only was he a good serial killer, he was probably one of the creepiest serial killers I have ever seen on TV. Seriously, putting human flesh in the food? Now that’s just wrong. Eric was right when he said “Every time I think that there are no new depths in the human depravity, the writers manage to find new ways of horrifying us.” in his Criminal Minds promo post for “Lucky”. They took it to a whole new level in “Lucky” for sure.

Garcia gets shot – The mysterious man shooting Garcia at the end was shocking because it was crazy that he just shot her outside like that, but you sort of knew something was coming. What really kills me though is that she works with FBI profilers and when it felt odd to her that this guy asked her out, she didn’t do a background check on him before going out with him? I mean come on, it wouldn’t even been a stretch for her, she is Garcia after all.

These are the little things that annoy me in TV shows like that. The characters are supposed to be super smart, they work on serial killers cases everyday, but then they go and do stupid things like this. Wouldn’t working in that environment make you even more paranoid? I’m just saying.

So next week, we’ll find out if Garcia survives her attack. My guess is she probably does.

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