REAPER – “The Cop” or Reasons why I love Sock

REAPER - Bret Harrison as Sam and Ray Wise as The Devil in “Love, Bullets and Blacktop”

[Note: There will be spoilers in this recap of Reaper‘s “The Cop”.]

My love for Sock (Tyler Labine) just went up after watching this week’s episode of The CW’s REAPER “The Cop”. But before we get to that, let’s start at the beginning.

The episode started with Gladys (Christine Willes, who is also known as Delores in Dead Like Me), our lovely DMV demon, shopping at The Work Bench and buying paper towel and some other stuff. This of course spikes Sock’s interest. As he goes to “spy” on Gladys, Sam tells Sock not to do anything stupid. That gives us:

#1 Reason I love Sock: Sock “I am almost certainly going to do something stupid. It’s in my blood. You know that.”

Then as the episode went on, I thought how convenient is it that Sock’s ex-girlfriend, Josie (Valarie Rae Miller), is a paralegal and can give them access to all that documentation?

So Andi has a “boyfriend” (can’t remember his name), well sort of because he’s such a dummy. I guess they had to set it up that way, so that we’re still rooting for Sam.

The car “fight”, if you can call it that, between Sam (Bret Harrison) and Andi’s “boyfriend” was funny and sad at the same time. How much more girly can Sam get? He can’t man up with Andi and now he fights like a girl… I know, I know, it was supposed to be funny, and it was, but I’m not sure it was necessary.

On the other side of town, Sock and Ben (Rick Gonzalez) are spying on Gladys and when she catches them, it leads us to:

#2 Reason I love Sock: As they are running away and trying to get back in the car, Sock is freaking out at Ben, while he is trying to regain his calm in order to open the door (yeah so I love Ben too). Ok so it doesn’t sound as funny as when you’re watching it, but Sock’s reaction is something.

Speaking of Gladys, how nice is it to see more of her? I always thought it was too bad the only screen time with her was at the DMV, usually at the end of the episode and for like 2 minutes.

Sock goes back to see Gladys to apologize. Now we get to the ultimate moment:

#3 Reason I love Sock: Sock starts making out with Gladys (ewwwww) and then…wakes up from a bad dream screaming – HAHAHA, I was dying of laughter. I wish I had a clip, because this was priceless and is exactly why I love to watch Reaper and Sock.

REAPER - Rick Gonzalez as Ben, Bret Harrison as Sam, and Tyler Labine as Bert “Sock”

Meanwhile, Sam is doing his own “investigation” alone in “The Cop” to recover the lost soul.

I have to give props to Reaper for getting hardcore with Dan (Mitch Pileggi) turning his gun on himself – well technically it was the Devil’s doing – but still.

Turns out Dan had made a deal with Devil, and what did he want in exchange for his soul? To become a super cop. Poor guy didn’t know how sneaky the Devil is, although he should’ve had suspicions. So what did the Devil do? He gave Dan 5 big cases to solve. What Dan didn’t know was that the 5th case was him – like I said, sneaky – love the Devil – point is don’t mes with him.

After that, we got some more Andi/Sam time and I’m still not feeling it, BUT I just thought of a way to make it better: Andi needs to go on reaps with the guys, they need to tell her about it. How cool of a team would they be? Now that would be fun and make the whole Andi/Sam bearable.

This leads us to our final Sock moment:

#4 Reason I love Sock: Back at the DMV with Gladys (technically it’s not a Sock moment per se, but I just loved his reaction) as she utters this wonderful line to him: “Had any good dreams lately?”