PRISON BREAK – “Bang and Burn” Is FOX kidding me?

PRISON BREAK - Robert Wisdom as Lechero, Chris Vance as Whistler, and Wentworth Miller as Michael Scofield in “Bang and Burn”

How can they end PRISON BREAK like that?

This review will contain spoilers on Prison Break‘s episode “Bang and Burn”.

So the show is called Prison Break

I kind of got over the “problem” of sustaining the show with a title like that.

I even got over them being back in prison for season 3 (how convenient, right?).

Plus, Sona is kinda cool in a creepy way.

But then they go and do this… how can they end Prison Break until January by taking Michael Scofield away to an unknown location. I need to know where my ticket out of jai… um I mean Michael Scofield is headed. And I need to know now (or at least next Monday), not in January.

That said, it was an awesome ending that will guarantee my tuning back in in January.

I don’t have much to say about the episode in itself expect that it was a typical Prison Break episode with lots of “on the edge of my seat” moments. Oh and is it wrong for me to root for Whistler a little?

Prison Break, come back to us soon and bring it!