CHUCK – “Chuck Versus The Truth” and Lou

CHUCK - Zachary Levi as Chuck Bartowski and Rachel Bilson as Lou in “Chuck vs. The Truth” Episode 107

After taking a day off writing (that doesn’t mean a day off TV watching), we are back with some CHUCK review. There will be spoilers so read accordingly.

In Chuck‘s episode “Chuck Versus The Truth”, we finally meet Lou (Rachel Bilson’s character), Chuck’s new potential love.

I gotta say, I liked Rachel Bilson so much better in Chuck as Lou, than I ever liked her in The O.C. What a lovely spirit she brought to the show.

I want to come back to her later. First, I want to talk about Chuck (the character played by the wonderful Zachary Levi) and his growth in the episode. Now, remember how I am hating the Reaper Sam/Andi relationship? And the way Sam acts like a little girl about it? I mean come on, I feel closer to the devil, is that supposed to happen? Anyway, Chuck (the tv show) found a way around this “problem” (although it was never as extreme as in Reaper) of getting Chuck (the character) to act more like a man.

In “Chuck Versus The Truth”, we saw a wonderful character growth from Chuck when he finally put an end to the unhealthy relationship (if we can call that a relationship) he had with Sarah (Yvonne Strahovski). It was a heartbreaking moment, don’t get me wrong, because you know she loves him, but it needed to be done in order for the show to keep growing.

Enters Lou. Sweet Lou. I don’t usually fall in love with guest stars that easily, but Lou has won me over. I think she should be a regular character. She is so perfect for Chuck. I used to wish for Chuck and Sarah to get together (and not pretend anymore), but now I am on Team Lou. And the sandwich place… was there ever any two people made for each other more than Chuck and Lou?

If only the whole episode could have been as sweet through and through, but they had to throw in the uncomfortable Ellie and Chuck moments… yeah you know what I’m talking about… I almost feel like counting Ellie as another one of Chuck’s potential love, because the way these two relate to each other is just wrong. Remember my Weird Couples on TV post? After tonight’s episode of Chuck, I rest my case…

Weird relationship aside, I want more Lou and it looks like I’m going to get it next week.

Update: I forgot to mention Kevin Weisman, (Marshall in Alias) appearance in the episode (thanks to starbuck for reminding me) as the bad guy. How did I miss that?

So here is my take of Kevin Weisman, from geek to sleek! Ok not the best line ever, but I made myself laugh so that’s good enough for me (wow I’m sad). But yeah, Kevin Weisman was cool.

What did you think of Rachel Bilson’s new character Lou? What about Chuck’s decision to break up with Sarah? Or the whole episode of Chuck for that matter? Let your keyboard run free.

You can view more pictures of “Chuck Versus The Truth” here and also get a first look at Rachel Bilson in next week’s episode “Chuck Versus The Imported Hard Salami” here. Seriously, how do they come up with these episode titles?!