Sunday Nights never fail to impress me. ABC is really King (or Queen) of the night. This post will contain spoilers so read accordingly.

Brothers & Sisters

BROTHERS & SISTERS – I want to start talking about ABC’s Brothers & Sisters “36 Hours” just because it was the best episode this season that I have seen so far. Apart from the amazing acting from the whole cast, the stories just feel so true, the care the family has for each other is heartbreaking.

Before I go on to praise the episode, I would like to say that I still think it was very convenient to get Justin back into drugs but it makes for such a great episode that I’ll let it go, but they better not do another drug storyline in season 3, because that’s not gonna fly then.

Moving on to Justin’s intervention. I’ll admit that I shed a few tears during the episode (but if you ever mention this, I’ll deny it to the grave!) and it shouldn’t surprise anyone given the subject matter. The episode was well executed overall, but I would like to mention a few scenes that stayed with me even after the episode was over:

#1 – Kitty standing up to Justin: Kitty has never been my favorite character, but man she is a powerful character. Her whole speech to Justin “I’m bleeding and I’m aching but I’m here” is some of the most brilliant writing I have heard and delivered with such conviction I could really feel it… first tears shed…

#2 – Nora standing up to Justin: I sort of knew Nora was going to lock the door on Justin or at least I was hoping, because dammit Nora is a strong mother and it would have pissed me off if she had given in to Justin’s whining. But man, when Nora turns around after locking the door and looks at Justin with that look in her eyes and says “stop it”, I just felt like cheering her on. Sally Field can just light up the screen in movies as well as in television and she proves it every week with her performance as Nora in Brothers & Sisters. Second tears shed…

#3 – Saul revealing he’s gay to Nora: Saul is not one of the main character in Brothers & Sisters but last night I think it’s safe to say, he was handed a pretty powerful scene, revealing he is gay to Nora. I cannot help but wonder if the writers knew from the beginning of the show that Saul was gay or if they sort of “went with the flow”. Either way, last night’s episode made me care about Saul in a whole new way. During the scene there was so much being told about the character and how he fits in the family. All of a sudden you understand that even though Saul loves the family, it doesn’t fill the void he feels for not having a family of his own. And again the wonderful performance from Sally Field, as Nora, when she realizes that her brother has been keeping this secret from her his whole life. I really hope they give us more scenes between Saul and Nora, because there is so much left to be explored.

Since everything cannot always be perfect, I have to mention the one negative part from last night’s episode of Brothers & Sisters:

Tommy and his affair: Even though I hate his wife and her whole reaction (at this point they really should get a divorce), the whole affair story with Lena and Tommy really annoys me. First of all I don’t like Lena and I just wish she wouldn’t be in the show anymore, and Tommy is such an ass right now I don’t like him anymore and I wish they would sort of cut his storylines. I am even tempted to fast forward through those parts, and I never fast forward through anything.

That’s about it for Brothers & Sisters, I cannot wait for next week’s episode.

DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES – I am not going to talk too much about Desperate Housewives‘s episode “You Can’t Judge A Book By Its Cover”, just because I don’t have much to say, but I do want to mention a couple of things:

#1 – Gabrielle and Carlos killing Victor: What is it with TV shows having their main characters kill someone and then covering it up? First Landry and Tyra (in Friday Night Lights), and now Gabby and Carlos. Is it because the writers are having a hard time coming up with storylines? I’m just not sure this is the best direction they could have moved that storyline into. And I’m not sure how they expect for Gabby and Carlos to get away with it.

#2 – Susan and Mike’s addiction: Enough with the addictions already. I can look over Justin’s addiction because it gave up such a wonderful episode, but the whole Susan finding Mike’s drugs does not appeal to me whatsoever. Right now, that’s my least favorite storyline and I used to love these two.

That’s all for now folks!