On TV Tonight, Tuesday 11/13: HOUSE, REAPER, and more…

Daemon's TV Tuesdays TV Schedule Fall 2007

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CAVEMEN “Rock Vote” – 8pm ABC
Sadly I don’t have much to say about Cavemen except that I really enjoyed last week’s storyline: Andy’s road rage, but then finding out he is a total coward when it really comes down to it. Hilarious! That was my favorite story of the season so far.


NCIS “Designated Target” – 8pm CBS
I have to say that I was really impressed by last week’s episode of NCIS and now I am sort of curious to watch another episode. In addition, after reading Eric’s post “NCIS Love Affair” I want to see more of Tony and Ziva. You can also view pictures from tonight’s episode of NCIS here.


CARPOOLERS “The Code” – 8:30pm ABC
Rebecca Romijn appearance as Joannifer, Laird’s on again and off again girlfriend, in last week’s episode of Carpoolers was pretty hilarious. First of all what type of a name is Joannifer, sounds so evil, like the character. I love it. Second, I love it how they end up having a separation ceremony. And third, it was just fun to see Rebecca Romijn in a different TV show than Ugly Betty.


REAPER “The Cop” – 9pm CW
Ah Reaper! The more I watch it, the more I like Sock and Ben, and even the Devil better than Sam sometimes. He can be such a girl. That’s not appealing at all. But you can always count on Sock and Ben to be awesome! Love these guys!


HOUSE “Ugly” – 9pm FOX
Some people like House without Foreman, Chase and Cameron better, I don’t really. I wish at least Chase and Cameron would get more on-screen time and work their magic once more. That is not to say that I don’t enjoy the newcomers, but if they could mix it up, that would be great.

Miami Ink

MIAMI INK “Ami’s Anger” – 10pm TLC
I am ashamed to say that I totally missed last week’s episode of Miami Ink (forgot to set it up on my DVR) but I remembered to do it this week, so I should be back on schedule next week.

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