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“Let’s Get It On” - Kyle Chandler as Coach Eric Taylor in FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS on NBC

(I wanted to take this time to introduce one of our writers, Araya, who will be in charge of the “Friday Night Lights” recaps. I hope you enjoy his writing as much as I do.)

Okay, now I get it, ladies. This is what you feel when you watch Oprah.

Tell me if this sounds about right. First, as the episode progressed, I got this strange aching sensation in my chest, then I started thinking to myself: “if my eyes got watery right now, that would be okay”, and before I knew it, I was thinking about which is the better brand: Kotex or Stayfree.

Damn it to hell, is this what it’s like to feel things? I hadn’t felt a thing since Maradona (the Michael Jordan of Soccer) was cruelly kicked out the 1990 World Cup for performance enhancing drugs, or cocaine, or both – can’t remember – and I have had suicides in my family.

Maybe the plastic food containers at home are filling my blood with estrogen, but I was genuinely moved, no, fucking transported, by the latest episode of the best show on TV.

Yes, I have shed tears before, but only over nationally televised games and for courageous modern-day warriors that sport numbers on the backs of their shirts (I’m talking about sports, dummy). But Friday Night Lights, this amazing little TV show, it touches me more than a horny Catholic priest.

First, Saracen and Julie. Lord knows I have been there 6. Here’s my advice: Fuck the brunette, you may not feel better now, but you will in 10 years, because life is all about the reminiscing and one day Julie will be that girl you don’t give a fuck about and the brunette will be a sweet notch on your belt (revenge pum pum is sweetest – that may be Shakespeare, if I recall correctly.)

Second, Landry’s old man. When he meets his son in their garage and then dominates him with his will, because he loves him like only a good father can, and the truth, and tension, and guilt, and pain flows out of Landry, leaving him to collapse on his dad’s shoulder, I go: “oh shit, that’s what family is.” And right then and there, I know Landry’s dad is going to dump the car, because he’s thinking: “That’s my boy. My fucking boy.” (Well Landry’s dad probably says “frickin'” but you know how he feels about his sweet boy.)

Oh, I also loved it when a scared Landry responds to his dad’s command to head off into the night (to the police station for all he knows) by saying: “Yes sir.” Right there the respect and trust between parent and child is relayed in two words and I have to say to myself, if I ever have a son, I would be proud to know that the little shit had that kind of respect for me.

Third, Tami. I love that woman. Friday Night Lights has the best wife I’ve ever seen portrayed on TV. Yes, she didn’t want to give up the pum pum after having the baby, and Coach Taylor probably “backed his fist” (jacked off) into boxes and boxes of Kleenex many a night, but the thing about her is that, at her core, she is a sweet nurturing woman who understands her man and accepts the selfish bastard warts and all. (By the way, don’t get it twisted, Coach Taylor is a fucking man among men – his response to Street giving up his box of memories is all I need to know about him. He can be an asshole to his wife sometimes though). Anyway, even when Tami is mad at Eric, her sweetness never goes away. And oh yeah, her sister might be a little slutty, so I really like her too.

Fourth, Jason, Riggs, Santiago. What can I say? Pent up rage is always compelling, especially when it expresses itself through sports or violence or destructive relationships (Disagree? Then why do you love “Good Will Hunting” and “Remember the Titans” so much?).

Anyway, as I was saying before I interrupted myself with yet more parentheses. Pent up rage expressed through sports or violence or destructive relationships is terrible and beautiful all at once. The adrenaline is addictive, which is why a normal life can seem boring, and a life of chaos or quiet desperation can seem like the only way to live.

I love this show.



FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTSSeason 2 Episode 6: “How Did I Get Here?”Key evidence comes in implicating Landry (Jesse Plemons) and his father finds out. Landry decides to come clean with his father, and forces his dad into a situation where he must choose between being a father or a cop. Tami’s (Connie Britton) sister, Shelley (Jessalyn Gilsig), comes to help Tami out with the baby. Tami’s more free-spirited sister Shelly stirs things up in the Taylor household and makes Tami question her choices in life. One of the ways she shakes things up is by selling the need to live a green lifestyle, even in a less-than-progressive town like Dillon, Texas. Meanwhile, Tim Riggins (Taylor Kitsch) is kicked off the team and must prove to Coach Taylor (Kyle Chandler) that he truly wants to be a part of the team.