Procedural Update: LAW AND ORDER CI – “Courtship”

“Courtship” - Chris Noth as Detective Mike Logan in LAW & ORDER: CRIMINAL INTENT

So I just finished watching tonight’s episode of LAW AND ORDER CI “Courtship” and here are my thoughts:

Story – This episode was a tale of intrigue that starts with a judge’s wife getting gunned down and suspects lining up to take the rap. Nothing fancy here, just a straight up story of seemingly complex intrigue that kind of fizzles in the end. I don’t want to give away too much but the payoff is kinda disappointing with no OMG moment.

Characters – So breaking with the traditional Law and Order CI, the two detectives Logan (Chris Noth) and Falacci (Alicia Witt) are in reverse roles with Logan as the wise one and Falacci as the hot head. Funny considering that Logan was usually the impetuous one. Also, “Courtship” features the guest appearance of none other than Steve Guttenberg, Mahoney from Police Academy 1,2,3,4,5,6…etc. I like him as a self centered actor that is in a lot of trouble.

Favorite Moment – Steve Guttenberg in a prison jump suit.

Overall, a cool episode. Worth watching!