GOSSIP GIRL gets hot with “Victor, Victrola”

“Victor, Victrola” - Leighton Meester as Blair and Ed Westwick as Chuck in GOSSIP GIRL on the CW

How HOT was GOSSIP GIRL‘s latest episode “Victor, Victrola”? I cannot believe that I, at some point, even considered dropping Gossip Girl, I am so addicted to it now. All I can think about is that last scene between Blair and Chuck, that was H-O-T. I actually like them together, I think they complete each other so much more that Blair and Nate do.

Then of course there is the whole Serena and Dan relationship. Not as hot as Blair and Chuck, but still makes for an awesome episode.

I’m going to play Devil’s Advocate for a minute though: Does anybody sort of want Serena to hook up with Nate? I mean the man is so in love with her and the way he was holding Jenny (who he thought was Serena)… wow, now that’s hot too!

They wouldn’t have to stay together, but I’m just saying, it would spice things up even more. And after all isn’t that why we love Gossip Girl?