Procedural Update: NUMB3RS’ Twisted Couples

NUMB3RS - Charlie (David Krumholz) and Amita’s (Navi Rawat) in “Waste Not”

Let me first state this simple fact: I think CBS’ NUMB3RS is one of the best TV shows out there. Ok, I don’t understand the math and sometimes, I even think that they are making it up a little. Nonetheless, it’s a great show. With that said, the romances that have been written in the show are getting harder and harder to believe.

First, there is Charlie (David Krumholtz) and Amita (Navi Rawat). Now this love story looks OK on the surface. But the obvious lack of spark between the two characters makes this hard to believe. Now, we can blame the actors for not having any connection or we can blame the writers for trying to jam this down our throats. For crying out loud, in the episode “In Security”, Charlie and Amita have a kiss that looks staged at best. They need to squash this story right away because it is just getting worse.

Second, there is Don (Rob Morrow) and Liz (Aya Sumika). Talk about on and off again. One episode she is the one, the next she is a problem. Now, they need to settle this story as well. Let’s commit here.

Last but certainly not least, the romance between Larry (Peter MacNicol) and Megan (Diane Farr). Now the writers have the audacity to make us believe that she understands that he wants to live in a monastery and that he understands that she loves him for that. They must think that we are high on crack or something. Don’t get me started on the weird romantic moments that they share together.

Look, here’s the thing. Numbers can do one of two things to make this right: either stick to crime solving and keep the romance to a minimum or write some more compelling storylines than Megan dating a homeless professor.

In the meantime, check out the pictures of this week’s Numb3rs episode “Primacy” here.