Sandie’s Top 10 All Time TV Shows: #7 – HIGHLANDER

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Sandie – #7 HIGHLANDER


Oh man did I love Highlander. I started watching it when I was in Junior High and I was hooked. From the Queen’s Theme song to the losing of the heads, it’s a classic. So much better than the movies too. I never really got into the movie, but I could not go on without watching episodes of Highlander the series.
My favorite character oddly enough was not Duncan but Methos. I was so in love with him and loved any episode that focused on him.

I’m still not sure what it is exactly that made me love this TV show so much, maybe it was the men fighting to stay alive or maybe it was just the thrill of watching Duncan McLeaod, Methos, Richie, and Joe in new adventures every week, all I can say is that I still love Highlander today and take any opportunity that I have to watch old episodes over and over again.

Cast: Adrian Paul, Stan Kirsch, Jim Byrnes, Alexandra Vandernoot, Peter Wingfield, Elizabeth Gracen, and Philip Akin.

Plot: Duncan MacLeod is Immortal, and must live in modern society, concealing his true nature while fighting other Immortals. Inspired by the movie “Highlander”

I had to put up videos of Methos in Highlander, just because he was my favorite character.

Below is a montage of what are probably my two favorite episodes of Highlander, “Comes a Horseman” and “Revelation 6:8” in season 5.

The second video is just a fan made video of Methos moments.

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