On TV Tonight, Monday 11/5: HEROES, PRISON BREAK, and more…

Daemon's TV Mondays TV Schedule Fall 2007

Daemon's Choice

How I Met Your Mother

HOW I MET YOU MOTHER “Dowisetrepla” – 8pm CBS
From the title of the episode I am already expecting something crazy to happen in tonight’s episode of How I Met Your Mother. How do they come up with these stories every week? The writers have so many original ideas, what will we do without them… while they’re on strike?! This is when you realize who is really bringing the money in! And this is exactly why they deserve their share of the benefit.

Everybody Hates Chris

EVERYBODY HATES CHRIS “Everybody Hates Bed-Stuy” – 8pm the CW
Sweet Chris who always gets in trouble, even when it’s not his fault. Everybody Hates Chris is such a sweet show and you can pretty much start watching it whenever and still understand what is going on. If only to see Julius and Rochelle be themselves, this TV show is worth watching.


CHUCK “Chuck Versus The Alma Mater” – 8pm NBC
Chuck is getting sweeter and sweeter and you can totally see that Sarah is starting to fall for him, then again who wouldn’t? And the good news is I am actually up to date with Chuck!

Prison Break

PRISON BREAK “Photo Finish/Vamonos” – 8pm FOX
We get a full two-hours of Prison Break tonight so set your DVRs accordingly. It’s nice to have Michael Scofield back. It also looks like we are getting closer and closer to them breaking out… actually I don’t really know, but I’m hoping. They are bound to get out sometime, right? And when they do, there is going to be hell to pay for Sara’s death.

Aliens in America

ALIENS IN AMERICA “Homecoming” – 8:30pm the CW
My favorite TV show, ok not my favorite, but I love it! Every week I look forward to watching Aliens in America. With The Office and How I Met Your Mother, I think they are the only three comedies I get really excited about watching every week. If you haven’t watched Aliens in America yet, trust me I didn’t feel like watching it at first, but now I love it, so give it a shot.


HEROES “Out Of Time” – 9pm NBC
If you have listened to our podcast, then you probably know how I feel about Heroes. After always watching every episode on the night they air, tonight is going to be the first night I’m going to hold off on watching Heroes. I just feel like they are TV shows that have better episodes that I could be watching instead of Heroes. Until they pick up the show and bring it back to what it was in season one, Heroes will not be watched live anymore.


JOURNEYMAN “Double Down” – 10pm NBC
I haven’t watched last week’s episode yet, but the last episode I did watch, I really liked. I just loved the part where [spoiler if you haven’t seen the episode] Dan’s son sees him disappear. The whole time I was like, “just tell the son, if there is anyone that would actually believe all of this, it’s the kid.” It was such a cute moment when he tells Dan in the end that he saw him. I actually felt it was a great way to move the story along. [end spoiler] I still say Journeyman is a TV show worth watching.

The Boondocks

THE BOONDOCKS – 11:30pm Adult Swim
And last but certainly not least, The Boondocks are also on tonight. Who could forget those sweet… wait no that’s not the right word,… nice… no still doesn’t feel right, ador… ok fine I give up… let’s just say who could forget Riley and Huey? Count on them to give you a breath of “fresh air” every episode.

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