NCIS – 101st Episode “Requiem” Review and Clip

NCIS - Agent DiNozzo (Michael Weatherly) and Jethro Gibbs (Mark Harmon) in “Requiem”

Quick introduction to one of our new writers, Eric. Some of you might know him if you have been listening to our podcast or/and if you have been following our Top 10 TV Show Countdown.

I recently had the opportunity to screen the 101st episode of CBS’ NCIS titled “Requiem”. In this episode, Gibbs agrees to help a childhood friend of his daughter thereby embarking on an emotional journey into his past.
What did I think of this episode? I LOVED it. It’s a blend of the classic NCIS episode with a layer of deep emotional struggle. The acting was on par and the story, although slightly predictable, was gripping.
The opening scene puts things in full gear with DiNozzo, showing off his shooting skills. Gibbs is still his stoic self although we see a crack in the façade during some emotional flashbacks. Abby, Ducky, Ziva, and McGee are still their classic selves. Who can ask for anything more?
What I really liked about the episode is that once again it shows how this team loves Gibbs. The show manages to portray a devotion to a patriarchal figure in a very believable way. You feel with the NCIS team as if Gibbs will never let you down and that he can do no wrong. The show in a sense brings out the child in us who believed in the all invincible dad. Maybe in some way, therein lies the secret of this very successful show.
In conclusion, I can only say that “Requiem” is definitely a must watch NCIS episode.

Check out the opening clip from NCIS “Requiem” below.

[flv:/videos/ncis_101preview.flv 420 315]