NCIS – 101st Episode “Requiem” Review and Clip

NCIS - Agent DiNozzo (Michael Weatherly) and Jethro Gibbs (Mark Harmon) in “Requiem”

Quick introduction to one of our new writers, Eric. Some of you might know him if you have been listening to our podcast or/and if you have been following our Top 10 TV Show Countdown.

I recently had the opportunity to screen the 101st episode of CBS’ NCIS titled “Requiem”. In this episode, Gibbs agrees to help a childhood friend of his daughter thereby embarking on an emotional journey into his past.
What did I think of this episode? I LOVED it. It’s a blend of the classic NCIS episode with a layer of deep emotional struggle. The acting was on par and the story, although slightly predictable, was gripping.
The opening scene puts things in full gear with DiNozzo, showing off his shooting skills. Gibbs is still his stoic self although we see a crack in the façade during some emotional flashbacks. Abby, Ducky, Ziva, and McGee are still their classic selves. Who can ask for anything more?
What I really liked about the episode is that once again it shows how this team loves Gibbs. The show manages to portray a devotion to a patriarchal figure in a very believable way. You feel with the NCIS team as if Gibbs will never let you down and that he can do no wrong. The show in a sense brings out the child in us who believed in the all invincible dad. Maybe in some way, therein lies the secret of this very successful show.
In conclusion, I can only say that “Requiem” is definitely a must watch NCIS episode.

Check out the opening clip from NCIS “Requiem” below.

[flv:/videos/ncis_101preview.flv 420 315]
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  • Gladys B. Agudelo

    Hi, would you be able to tell me what song was being paid in the commercials for this episode. Thank you.

  • I haven’t seen commercials for the episode. Do you have a youtube video that I could take a look at?

  • Chels

    Everyone wants to know the song played in the preview for this episode, as well as the preview for The Unit that played right after in most viewing areas. No one knows the name of the song or the artist. It was a slow, ale-lul-ja type of song. Kind of earthly or worldly, maybe Loreena McKennett sounding, but I don’t think it was her. Any of the previews on YouTube don’t have the correct song.

    If you know, or know where people can find out, please please please let us know. The question has been floating around the Answers forum at Yahoo.

  • khakke

    There is a youtube video in French, but it’s NOT the music or singer that us Americans heard. I posted this same question in Yahoo Answers yesterday, have been trying for over a week now to find out who the artist and song is. An answerer said she thought it was Loreena McKennitt. LK does have a song called “Incantation” on her “The Ancient Muse” CD, which the small 54second or so clip sounds very close to the singer that sung the Nov6 commercial/preview. (If you go to her website, you can hear a clip of it). Everyone is trying to get info on the NCIS/The Unit commercial for the Nov6th show, it sounded like what I call Note-singing (no lyrics that you can understand). It was slow, beautiful, almost ethereal sounding. It was NOT “The Kiss” by Karmina as I’ve had a lot of people answer. They did feature that song in NCIS that night, but it’s not the one played in the commercial for the show. The Kiss is more upbeat, faster, not ‘earthly’ sounding. Too bad they didn’t play this song we are all looking for in the show itself!! It might be easier to find!! If anyone can find out who it is, we’ll all love you for it!

  • So I’m trying to find out which song you guys are talking about. I’ll let you know if I come up with anything. And if you find a video let me know so I can check it out 🙂

  • Peabody

    Enjoyed the episode. What was in the box that Gibb’s found?

  • khakke

    PEABODY: If you go onto the NCIS, or maybe it’s the CBS website, there is an area that you can click on that shows you what’s in the box. You click on each item and it gives you a little story about it. It was sweet, but sad of course.

    DAEMON’S TV: Thanks for checking into the song. I had an another answer elsewhere that said the song was called “Celtic Mist” and was part of ‘the music library’ (CBS music Library??), whatever that means. This guy supposedly got in contact with another guy who in in charge of all the music scores in CBS advertising and he said it’s “Celtic Mist”. Can anyone confirm this? And if it’s true, how can we go about getting a copy of “Celtic Mist”???

  • Khakke – Thanks for the info. The only thing I could find was this a Celtic Mist CD on Amazon here.

    But since I still haven’t heard the song it’s hard for me to know if that’s it.

    I also found this song entitled “Celtic Mist” here.

    You can listen to it. If that’s it, let me know and I’ll post it on the site for everyone 🙂

  • So I looked around and the only thing I could find was this thread on Adtunes.

    It looks like the song is from a stock library from England, and it is Celtic music. But they still don’t know which one. That’s all I know for now.

    I finally saw the promo, which is finally uploaded on YouTube. I do like the song too and now I’m really intrigued to find out what song this is too.

  • khakke

    Daemon’s TV: Thank you! The thread on Adtunes, showing the nature clip, THAT’S IT! It DOES HAVE that song on it! I listened to “Celtic Mist” on and confirmed that, sadly, that is NOT the song we’re all looking for! I’ll look on YouTube for it, didn’t find it a couple of nights ago but I’ll look again. This song is so beautiful, I’d love to hear the entire version. Please keep me posted if you learn anything more.

  • khakke

    Daemon’s TV: The only YouTube that I could find for the Nov6th NCIS Requiem preview has a different song and singer than the song that’s featured on the thread to’s nature clip. The Youtube song that I heard was a much higher pitched song-it definitely is NOT the same song that I’m looking for. If you heard one on YouTube that is the same as the thread, I’d be interested to know how to locate it. But right now, whatever song and artist is playing on that thread, THAT is the song we’re all talking about and trying to find. Wow. Times goes by fast when on the computer! I spent so many hours looking for this song and other stuff that I forgot to go to bed about 9 hours ago.

  • khakke: The promo I found on YouTube is here:

    And it’s the same song you’re looking for.

  • khakke

    Daemon’s: Yes that’s the song, thank you again.

  • Chels

    I tried contacting CBS via their website and they just sent back snail-mail addresses for both The Unit and NCIS producers, and that I should forward my questions to them. I’m not that ambitious, but I’ll post them here in case anyone else is. I hope someone can find the answer everyone has been looking for!!

    Twentieth Century-Fox Television
    25135 Anza Drive
    Santa Clarita, CA 91355

    NAVY NCISBelisarius Productions
    1438 North Gower Street
    Buildingg 35, 4th Floor
    Hollywood, CA 90028

  • Chels

    Still searching for the song!! But have had some leads…also, the previously listed website for YouTube no longer works, so here is the new one.

  • carlanne

    OMG i just love tony the best show to watch is NCIS