DOG THE BOUNTY HUNTER off our schedule at Daemon’s TV


I wanted to mention the whole racial slurs phone conversation drama with Duane (Dog) Chapman from DOG THE BOUNTY HUNTER.

I really liked the show. I discovered it this summer and would watch one or two episodes one after the other. It was relaxing and the family was fun. Well, I won’t watch it anymore.

To me there is absolutely no excuse to use the N-word. I don’t even care what excuses he comes up with, the point is he said it, and it doesn’t matter if he was mad or stressed or whatever dumb excuse he comes up with, if you don’t think it, then you won’t ever say it. He said it, and to me that is just something unforgivable.

So we here at Daemon’s TV decided to write Duane “Dog” Chapman and his show, Dog the Bounty Hunter, off our schedule.

And I am so glad A&E has suspended production on the show. I hope they don’t even bring it back.

You can listen to the phone conversation recording of Duane “Dog” Chapman talking with his son, Tucker, over at the National Enquirer.