On TV Tonight, Wednesday 10/31: PUSHING DAISIES, PRIVATE PRACTICE, and more…

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Pushing Daisies

A Pushing Daisies episode on Halloween Night… I wonder what they have in store for us, I mean how much more eccentric can they get, right?

America's Next Top Model

AMERICA’S NEXT TOP MODEL “The Girl Who Runs Into The Glass Door” – 8pm the CW
After the voluntary departure of Ebony last week, it’s going to be interesting to see if Ambreal can pick herself up and not end up in the bottom two again. To be honest, I didn’t really like Ebony, so I guess it all turned out for the best.

Private Practice

PRIVATE PRACTICE “In Which Charlotte Goes Down The Rabbit Hole” – 9pm ABC
Last week’s episode was one of my favorite so far. I just love the relationship between Violet and Cooper, these two need to get together soon so she can get over her husband. Oh and what happened to the husband’s wife? Did I miss something, are they separated? How come she doesn’t care he is seeing his ex-wife? Maybe we’ll get some answers tonight.

Gossip Girl

Unfortunately there will be no new episode tonight, but I just wanted to mention that last week’s episode of Gossip Girl was so good, it got me excited for next week’s episode. The scene with Nate holding Jenny when he’s thinking it’s really Serena was so hot! And this is gonna lead to more drama for sure, because you know Jenny is going to say something to Blair.


LIFE “Powerless” – 10pm NBC
Still haven’t seen last week’s episode, but it’s always nice to know some Damian Lewis time is waiting for you on your DVR. I think the thing with Life is that since every episode has some sort of ending, it’s hard to talk about the storylines every week. It’s a relaxing show.

Dirty Sexy Money

DIRTY SEXY MONEY “The Game” – 10pm ABC
I am also behind with Dirty Sexy Money. Actually, I can’t really remember what happened two weeks ago. I’m going to have to watch last week’s episode tomorrow to get up to date on what’s going on with the Darlings.

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