Sandie’s Top 10 All Time TV Shows: #8 – QUANTUM LEAP

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Sandie – #8 QUANTUM LEAP

Quatum Leap - Scott Bakula (Dr. Sam Beckett) and Dean Stockwell (Admiral Al Calavicci)

Oh Boy!

What a great signature line! I adore this show so much. It’s one of those TV shows you can watch over and over again. I get so excited every time I switch the channel just to find myself face to face with Dr. Sam Beckett. Each episode was so clever, and easy to follow if you had miss the previous week. I don’t think I ever saw how Quantum Leap ended, but now that the seasons are coming out on DVD, it’s definitely my chance to watch every single episode all over again.

The greatest part of Quantum Leap is that it’s timeless. Even today I find myself loving Quantum Leap more than other TV shows I that I currently on Television.

Cast: Scott Bakula, and Dean Stockwell.

Plot: Scientist Sam Beckett finds himself “leaping” in time into the bodies of different people. He needs to find a way to help them in order to get to his next leap, always hoping the next leap will be the leap home.