On TV Tonight, Thursday 10/25: THE OFFICE, SCRUBS, and more…

Daemon's TV Thursdays TV Schedule Fall 2007

Daemon's Choice


SMALLVILLE “Action” – 8pm the CW
Still a fan of Smallville. I just wish there was less focus on Kara and more focus on Clark and Lex and Lana. I mean we did spend six seasons caring about them, so I think it’s only fair to give us something to be excited about.

My Name Is Earl

MY NAME IS EARL “Frank’s Girl” – 8pm NBC
It’s time for Alyssa Milano to make her appearance in My Name Is Earl as Frank’s girl. I am so excited to see her back on TV. Read our previous post to see some pictures of Alissa Milano in My Name Is Earl.

Ugly Betty

UGLY BETTY “A League Of Their Own” – 8pm ABC
I cannot explain why I love Ugly Betty, but I do. All I know is that it puts me in a good mood and I enjoy the wacky storylines. Now if they could only bring back Dawson James Van Der Beek, I would love them that much more…

The Office

THE OFFICE “Local Ad” – 9pm NBC
No more of the one-hour The Office episodes that I have come to know and love, we are back to the 30 minutes original format. Still 30 minutes of The Office is better than no The Office at all.

Grey's Anatomy

GREY’S ANATOMY “Haunt You Every Day” – 9pm ABC
Halloween hits Seattle Grace. That’s going to be interesting. All I really want is for the whole George and Callie situation to get resolved, that would really make my day.


SCRUBS “My Own Worst Enemy” – 9:30pm NBC
Less The Office also means the return of Scrubs! I don’t actually follow Scrubs but have seen episodes here and there. It’s pretty funny. I’ll probably tune in once in a while to see how they decide to end it. Also don’t forget to post your questions about Scrubs on their blog. Remember, they promised to answer every single one of them.

It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia

IT’S ALWAYS SUNNY IN PHILADELPHIA “Dennis Looks Like A Registered Sex Offerder” – 10pm FX
These guys kill me… what kind of title is this… and I thought they couldn’t get any more outrageous… Looking forward to that episode!

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