Weird Couples on TV

HEROES - Sendhil Ramamurthy as Mohinder Suresh, Adair Tishler as Molly, Greg Grunberg as Matt Parkman

What are Weird Couples on TV? Well, it’s characters who are not supposed to be together (like brothers and sisters) but act like they are, which can make it really uncomfortable to watch sometimes. You know what I mean?

Here is some of the Weird TV Couples I have identified so far:


Mohinder Suresh and Matt Parkman (Heroes) – I’m sorry but I have to mention these two. Since the season started Suresh and Parkman’s relationship has been very ambiguous. I mean come on, every time they appear on screen together with Molly I cannot help but think “look at the two dads and their cute daughter.” The writers had to realize that’s how it would come off, right? All I’m saying is either put them together or don’t.


CHUCK - Sarah Lancaster as Elli Batowski, Zachary Levi and Chuck Bartowski

Chuck and Ellie Bartowski (Chuck) – So with last night’s episode of Chuck I can honestly say that these two officially have a weird relationship. The whole time they were fighting about Chuck not being around and Ellie feeling like they were not as close as they used to be, that all just felt like a couple’s fight, not a brother and sister fight. Why does she want him to be around so much? Why can’t he hang out with his girlfriend more that he hangs with her. Ok mother’s day was special for them, but the fight wasn’t really about that, it as about Chuck not being there for Ellie anymore. I say so what? He has a girlfriend (or at least Ellie thinks he does), it’s normal for him to spend more time with her than with his sister. I think the line that also made me go “see what I’m talking about” was when Chuck said: “Ellie, you know you’ll always be my best gal.” Wow, that didn’t come out right.

Jeremy and Juliet Darling (Dirty Sexy Money) – I’ve been talking about these two for a while. Seriously in every scenes I think “they’re such a cute couple… oh wait no they’re not.” Awkward! Something to prove my point, Natalie even tells Jeremy “Don’t worry your wife is out getting waxed” when speaking of Juliet.


Dee and Dennis Reynolds (It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia) – I’m not sure I should be surprised with this weird relationship. I mean we are talking about It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Weird is their second name.


Sam and Sam’s Mom (Reaper) – There haven’t been many scenes between these two, but the little that we did see, was pretty awkward. I don’t know if it’s just me, but it just doesn’t feel like a mother-son relationship to me.


Peter Petrelli and Claire Bennet (Heroes) – You know you thought of Peter and Claire too. Even if Milo Ventimiglia insisted that there was never gonna be anything between Peter and Claire, you can still feel the sexual tension in the air.

Do you agree? Disagree? Can you think of more weird TV couples? Feel free to comment.