On TV Tonight, Tuesday 10/23: REAPER, HOUSE, and more…

Daemon's TV Tuesdays TV Schedule Fall 2007

Daemon's Choice


CAVEMEN “The Mascot” – 8pm ABC
So I’m still watching Cavemen. It’s not the best TV show ever, but it’s fun enough for 30 minutes of relaxing television. The only thing that annoys me about Cavemen is that they made some of the cavemen hard to distinguish from each other. Seriously, I have a hard time figuring out who is who sometimes.

Five Days

FIVE DAYS “Day 33” – 8pm HBO
I am still on Day 1. It seems like Five Days is at the bottom of my list as far as which TV shows to watch first. I think I might end up watching the whole miniseries once all of the episodes have aired, because right now I’m not really finding the time.


CARPOOLERS “Down For The Count” – 8:30pm ABC
Carpoolers makes me laugh. That’s one of the main reasons I like it. Plus we get a weekly dose of funny Jerry O’Connell. Did I mention it’s worth watching Carpoolers just for the car scenes?


REAPER “What About Blob?” – 9pm CW
My sweet Reaper is back tonight with a new assignment. Is this the night Sam and Andi finally hook up? If you ask me, it’s very doubtful. But that’s okay, we have Sock to entertain us. Seriously, that guy is hilarious. Let’s not forget Ben, he also has some pretty funny moments.


HOUSE “Guardian Angels” – 9pm FOX
House is back after one week off. I was starting to have withdrawal. And the “race” continues, who will survive Doctor House’s survival game?


DAMAGES “Because I Know Patty” – 10pm FX
The finale is on tonight. I cannot believe I am still behind on Damages. But you can be sure that tomorrow I will catch up in order to be able to watch the finale. From what I have been reading, it sounds like this is going to be a powerful ending. I cannot wait to find out what happens.

LA Ink

LA INK “Pixie’s Got The Blues” – 10pm TLC
Kat is getting some new clients and new awesome tattoos. The more I watch LA Ink, the more I am fascinated by tattoos and the art of it. Still, I am too chicken to get one myself, plus I’m not sure if there’s any design I’d like to have on my body forever.

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