Weekly Reviews: October 14-19 – MOONLIGHT, GREY’S ANATOMY, and more…

And another crazy week passes me by without me being able to write down all of my thoughts. This is why you gotta love the week-end and Daemon’s TV Weekly Reviews. So let’s start this thing.

CHUCK - Zachary Levi as Chuck Bartowski, Yvonne Strahovski as Sarah Walker in

To make things easier, how about we go day by day. Oh and as always, there might be some spoilers.

SUNDAY (Not this Sunday, last Sunday)

BROTHERS & SISTERS – I am so glad Justin is back. I find myself liking his story more than the others. It absolutely broke my heart that he was in such a pain, but I’m glad he finally decided to take some painkillers. I am thinking that this could lead to an interesting dynamic for the Walkers… like they really need it.

DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES – I wasn’t too excited at the start of the season, but boy am I excited now. I feel like everybody is coming alive again and this week is bound to be interesting again with the new gay neighbors and an appearance by Danielle.


CHUCK – I am liking Chuck more and more every week. He is such a likable character and I feel that we are getting some direction for the show little by little. In addition, check out our Spotlight feature on the two lead females from Chuck, Sarah Lancaster (Ellie Bartowski) and Yvonne Strahovski (Sarah Walker).

Heroes - Hayden Panettiere as Claire Bennet in

HEROES – I still like Heroes, but I think that it has been dragging on a little bit, between Peter in Ireland, Nikki being sort of MIA, and Hiro’s story getting a little boring, I am starting to wonder where all this is going. The good news is that tomorrow we get our first look at Elle (Kristen Bell). I do have to say that the one exciting part of last week’s Heroes was Sylar meeting Maya and Alejandro, I want to see where this is going. Don’t forget to check out two clips and a preview from tomorrow’s episode of Heroes, “Fight or Flight.”

ALIENS IN AMERICA – I mentioned how much I loved the last episode of Aliens in America. You can read my thoughts on Aliens in America here.

JOURNEYMAN – I never have much to say about Journeyman, but that’s mostly because I just really like it. I do wish we would start to find out a little more about Livia.


REAPERReaper is my sweetheart. It makes me smile when I think about it. If I remember well, this last episode, “Magic,” was pretty fun with the cute birdie turning into a sort of monster, now that was pretty cool. I have only love for Reaper.

CARPOOLERS – Even though Carpoolers is not the funniest show out there, I find myself really liking it. It just has some funny moments and the car scenes are pretty hilarious.


PUSHING DAISIES – My new feel-good TV show. Even when I am having an off-day, all I need is some Pushing Daisies to put a smile back on my face. Who can resist Lee Pace and Anna Friel? If you’re not watching Pushing Daisies yet, you are missing out big time, trust me.

Gossip Girl - Leighton Meester as Blair and Taylor Momsen as Jenny in

BIONIC WOMAN – Dammit, I still haven’t watched the last episode, “Faceoff.” I did see the one before that and I will stick with Bionic Woman for now. I think Michelle Ryan (Jaimie Sommers) and Katee Sackhoff (Sarah Corvus) have a lot to do with why I enjoy watching Bionic Woman.

GOSSIP GIRL – So I still enjoy Gossip Girl. Yeah, it’s not really realistic and it has cheesy moments, but it satisfies my cheesiness needs.


SMALLVILLE – Dean Cain (Lois and Clark) as a guest star in “Cure.” Not too shabby. Oh how I loved watching Lois and Clark when I was young, and it was so fun to see Dean Cain in Smallville even though he wasn’t Superman.

UGLY BETTY – Again, one word for you, James Van Der Beek… yeah, yeah I know it’s four words. I wish James Van Der Beek would become a recurring character, now how awesome would that be? In addition, it was pretty fun to see Victor Garber as Betty’s writing teacher.

THE OFFICE - Rainn Wilson as Dwight Schrute in

THE OFFICE – I think the cutest part of this week’s The Office was after Jim goes to comfort Dwight (who is breaking my heart with the whole Angela thing by the way), he comes back up and kisses Pam with that look in his face, you know the one he used to have when he looked at Pam before they got together. It was so adorable. And the whole “I love Italian” thing, my heart melted.

GREY’S ANATOMY – Let me tell you what drove me crazy with this episode of Grey’s Anatomy, “The Heart of the Matter.” Callie “forgives” George? I’m sorry, what? The man cheated on you, you need to leave him, even if he is your husband. And I don’t even really like Callie. Don’t even get me started on George. What is wrong with him? I thought he loved Izzie, so why is he sticking around with Callie? Ok, I feel better now. That said I loved the episode, even if I don’t agree with what the characters do and it drives me crazy doesn’t mean it’s not awesome writing. What good show doesn’t produce some sort of reactions among its viewers?


Mick St. John (Alex O'Loughlin) and Beth Turner (Sophia Myles) in Moonlight's episode

MOONLIGHT – One of the loves of my life, dear Moonlight had what is probably its best episode so far. “Fever” was everything I had hoped for and more. I thought I was gonna scream when Mick got into the bathroom and waited for Beth. The bite was so perfect, I want Mick and Beth to get together so bad now, but you know those “evil” writers will make us wait for it, but they know we love it. And if you want to see some pictures from the episode, check out our Moonlight “Fever” post.

FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS – This is one of the most amazing TV shows on TV right now. The acting is one of the strongest that I have seen on TV lately and it has some of the greatest writing. Matt Saracen broke my heart in this episode, I feel so bad for him, especially when he had to tell Coach Taylor about the breakup. Tami slapping Julie after catching her making out with the Swede, that was a pretty powerful moment. I am so glad Coach Taylor is coming back to Dillon, things are just getting out of hand without him. I cannot wait for next week.

Wow, that was long. This week I promise I’ll try to be better about writing reviews during the week. 😉