VERONICA MARS – Season 3 DVD Review

Veronica Mars - The Complete Third Season on DVD

Thanks to Warner Home Video and M80, I received my copy of the VERONICA MARS season 3 DVD just in time to check it out before the big release tomorrow.

As I mentioned before, if I could only get one TV on DVD this year, Veronica Mars – The Complete Third season would definitely be it.

Not only do you get the last season of one of television’s best TV shows and will be able to watch it over and over again, but you get to take a look at the much talked about Veronica Mars in the FBI sort of pilot. Come on, you know you are curious to see it.

After eagerly opening the packed DVD of Veronica Mars season 3, I put the first DVD in my DVD player and as the disc started spinning, I felt a mix of sadness and excitement. I was going to get to watch season 3 again and see all my favorite characters, but this will be the last season they will ever be together.

Now, let’s break this DVD down:

The DVD Menu – Who doesn’t love that background music associated to the Veronica Mars DVDs? I know I do. Just hearing it brings so many memories of watching season one and two religiously after discovering Veronica Mars during Summer 2006.

The Episodes – This is the treasure of the DVD. All 20 episodes of the third season included on the DVD. 900 minutes of television Heaven. This is enough to make this TV on DVD one of my favorite.

The Special Features – Or how I like to call them, cherry on the cake.

  • Pitching Season 4 – Personally, after taking a look at the FBI spinoff for Veronica Mars, all I have to say is that even if it had become a full-fledged TV show, it is no Veronica Mars. I can safely say that this would not have filled the void Veronica Mars has left for me. I mean sure Kristen Bell is still brilliant as Veronica Mars, but no Logan, no Keith, no Mac, no Wallace, no Dick, and no Weevil, no pretty much everything that made Veronica Mars, Veronica Mars.
  • Going Undercover with Rob Thomas – Fun sort of videocast with Rob Thomas. You learn about tons of anecdotes and things that happened on the set while filming some of the episodes and scenes. It’s so interesting. I love it.
  • Webisode Gallery – Since I subscribed to the Veronica Mars podcast, I had already seen all of these short videos. But it’s still fun to have them on the DVD to watch them again. My favorite one is the Kristen Bell and Chris Lowell interviewing each other one. It’s pretty funny.
  • Unaired Scenes – I haven’t had a chance to take a look at these, but I can only expect more goodies.
  • Gag Reel – I love to watch gag reels, they always make me laugh. Getting to watch the people from Veronica Mars goofing around is priceless.
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    And just for fun, let’s watch the two opening credits for Veronica Mars, starting with the most recent one… A Long Time Ago We Used To Be Friends