Who’s house? RUN’S HOUSE – season 4 premiere

Run's House - Season 4 on MTV

That’s right, RUN’S HOUSE is back for its fourth season.

Let me tell you something about Run’s House, it’s addictive. Seriously, I usually watch it on the week-ends when MTV has back to back episodes sometimes. Time flies by. I can start at 11 am and before I know it, it’s already 4pm. It’s such a relaxing reality show, and Run’s family is pretty fun to watch.

You can watch the first full episode of Run’s House season 4 on Yahoo TV until October 25th. Once the show starts, you’ll be able to watch the episodes over at runshouse.mtv.com

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What can we expect from Season 4 of Run’s House?

At “Run’s House” the laughs, drama and excitement never seem to end. Rev. Run, (Joseph Simmons of Run-DMC), and his wife Justine continue to manage a very bustling household and keep the lives of their 5 children as normal as possible amid the extravagance of their surroundings. With the entire family back together again under one roof, life in the Simmons house is anything but normal. This season Rev. Run and Justine make a major decision on adopting a new baby and life for them may never be the same again. Eldest sibling, Vanessa, 24, lands her first acting role on the day-time soap opera “Guiding Light” and finds that perfecting her craft is harder work than she thought. Angela, 20, sets her sights on expanding her current magazine insert into a bona-fide celebrity driven fashion/entertainment magazine. JoJo, 18, deals with everything from graduating high school, to hustling for a record deal, to developing deeper relationships with his dad and Uncle Russell (music/fashion mogul Russell Simmons). As the coolest tween-ager on television, Diggy, 12, is fast becoming a ladies man but Rev. Run manages to keep him grounded. And Russy, 11, might just be ready to cast his love for video games aside for a new interest – girls! With its unique hip hop royalty lifestyle rooted in grounded family values “Run’s House” is the ultimate destination for laughable and lovable family entertainment.

Season 4 of Run’s House will premiere on Thursday, October 25th at 10:00pm on MTV.

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