On Tonight, Monday 10/22: HEROES, ALIENS IN AMERICA, and more…

Daemon's TV Mondays TV Schedule Fall 2007

Daemon's Choice

How I Met Your Mother

HOW I MET YOU MOTHER “How I Met Everyone Else” – 8pm CBS
Yay, some laughs coming my way and I need them. What new “trick” will Barney come up with tonight. I am happy that Ted and Robin aren’t together anymore, not that I didn’t like them, but there is so much more fun stuff they can do now.

Everybody Hates Chris

EVERYBODY HATES CHRIS “Everybody Hates Blackie” – 8pm the CW
Oh poor Chris, he never gets a break does he. It’s one of the reasons why Everybody Hates Chris is such a fun TV show. Julius (Terry Crews) is such a funny father, he does some of the craziest things and Rochelle (Tichina Arnold), don’t mess with her. You should definitely give this TV show a shot if you haven’t already.


CHUCK “Chuck Versus The Sizzling Shrimp” – 8pm NBC
Oh dear Chuck. How endearing is he? I just cannot wait for the day where Morgan (Joshua Gomez) and Ellie (Sarah Lancaster) find out about what’s going on in Chuck’s life, that’s going to be interesting. Also don’t forget to check out our spotlight feature on the leading ladies from Chuck, Sarah Lancaster (Ellie Bartowski) and Yvonne Strahovski (Sarah Walker).

Prison Break

PRISON BREAK “Interference” – 8pm FOX
Prison Break is back after a week off. We will get to see more of the aftermath from Sarah’s death, hopefully. I cannot wait until Michael finds out, I know it’s horrible, but it’s going to bring so much more drama, ’cause you know he’s going after her killers.

Aliens in America

ALIENS IN AMERICA “The Metamorphosis” – 8:30pm the CW
My new favorite comedy show. I am so excited to see a new episode tonight. Aliens in America is one of the TV shows I find myself looking forward to the most. What will Raja do this week? You can read my review from last week’s episode of Aliens in America, “Rocket Club” here.


HEROES “Fight Or Flight” – 9pm NBC
YES! Kristen Bell’s night is finally here! You know I am starting to wonder if I am not getting my hopes up for this episode and will end up being very disappointed. I expect great things from Elle, so she better bring it. Check out clips from Heroes “Fight or Flight” episode here as well as previews for “Fight or Flight.”


JOURNEYMAN “The Legend of Dylan McCleen” – 10pm NBC
Where is Dan heading tonight? It’s always fun to see how he adapts to the past. I keep trying to imagine what it must feel like to go back to 1950… I still have no idea. I’m really hoping we get at least some answers as to Livia’s backstory. I mean, ok she can do what Dan does, but she does seem to know a lot more than he does, so what’s the deal?

The Boondocks

THE BOONDOCKS “Thank You For Not Snitching” – 11:30pm Adult Swim
Riley and Huey Freeman are back tonight. Those kids are great. You can also read the comic on the Adult Swim website I found out. You have to give it a shot. You might be interested to learn that it’s pretty political, which I love.

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