Sunday night was a good night for television. Here are some quick reviews.

  • Some highlights from last night’s DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES.

    Is it me or does this season of Desperate Housewives keep getting better?

    Last night’s episode “If There’s Anything I Can’t Stand” was pretty classic with the new Gay neighbors moving in. How awkward was the whole introduction with Susan? I love it when Lee (Kevin Rahm) says “I hope we can live up to your stereotype.”

    And the whole moment when Susan thinks there are three of them, but really it’s the dog… Awkward!

    By the way, I love the actors portraying the new couple, they fit right in with the cast.

    I cannot believe Susan kidnapped the dog so that the neighbors would like her. You know this was gonna end up badly.

    The rest of the episode was fun too, but I wanted to especially mention the Susan story, that’s the one that stood out the most for me.

  • Brothers and Sisters

    Here is my whole issue about last night’s episode of BROTHERS & SISTERS, “States Of The Union.” I really liked the episode but I just cannot get over the fact that Justin (Dave Annable) is going back to his addict behavior and taking extra pills. Not that I didn’t think this would eventually happen, but I didn’t think it would be that easy. I understand that the writers are trying to create more future drama, that’s not my the problem I have, my problem is that we’re talking about Justin who would have rather suffered the pain in his leg rather than take some painkillers, and I find it really hard to believe that he would just fall back into his old habits without fighting it off a bit. At least make it look like he’s hesitating and is torn when we see him take the pill towards the end of the episode. It seemed like it didn’t affect him that much, and I just didn’t find this very credible compared to everything he went through because of his addiction. I do think however that having Justin get into “drugs” again is a smart move. I can only imagine some of the scenes that will come out of it in the future.