Death Watch Updates – Picked up TV Shows

The Big Bang Theory - Leonard (Johnny Galecki), Penny (Kaley Cuoco), and Sheldon (Jim Parsons) in

Some updates in the Death Watch Department:

There have been a few TV shows picked up this week which have been upgraded to the immortal status on our Death Watch Page.

ABC has given the Grey’s Anatomy spinoff, PRIVATE PRACTICE a full season. I enjoy watching Private Practice, and with the ratings it had been getting, I am not surprised ABC decided to go ahead and give Private Practice a full season. I guess we’ll be seeing more of Addison.

CBS has given THE BIG BANG THEORY a full season. I don’t watch The Big Bang Theory mostly because the pilot just did not make me laugh one bit. And now with the full season pickup, either there is something I am not seeing in that TV show, or everybody else is just going insane… I’ll go with the second option…

FOX has given KITCHEN NIGHTMARES a full season. This is one of the TV shows I was really excited to watch because I am such a fan of the British version, but turns out I hated the American version. It seems not everybody shared my feeling since Kitchen Nightmares was given a full season. I’m still not gonna watch it though.