MOONLIGHT – “Fever” (1×4) Clip Preview and Episode Description

Have I not professed my love for MOONLIGHT enough?! Actually, Moonlight is getting pretty good reactions all around so I must be right and you should watch it.

To convince you, I am bringing you a clip from the next episode of Moonlight “Fever” as well as the episode description (they might contain spoilers). Come on, you know you want to see more of Mick (Alex O’Loughlin) and Beth (Sophia Myles). I just love the interaction between these two. Could I be more excited for this week’s episode? Also, check back later today for photos from “Fever.”

“Fever” Episode Description: Mick is injured in his search for a young woman who is believed to be hiding in the desert. But when the scorching sunlight depletes Mick’s vampiric ability to heal himself, Beth must rush to help him.

[flv:/videos/moonlight_bite1.flv 425 318]

Moonlight‘s fourth episode “Fever” airs Friday, October 19 at 9pm on CBS.