On TV Tonight, Wednesday 10/17: PUSHING DAISIES, BIONIC WOMAN, and more…

Daemon's TV Sundays TV Schedule Fall 2007

Daemon's Choice

Pushing Daisies

PUSHING DAISIES “The Fun In The Funeral” – 8pm ABC
My favorite TV show is back tonight with its third episode. It always makes me happy when I watch Pushing Daisies. Also, Kristin Dos Santos from Watch With Kristin is making an appearance in the episode as a dead body. You can read all about her experience with the Pushing Daisies crew and check out a clip from the show as well as interviews from the cast here.

America's Next Top Model

AMERICA’S NEXT TOP MODEL “The Girl Who Is Afraid Of Heights” – 8pm the CW
Turns out last week wasn’t as dramatic as I expected. The supposedly bald girl, isn’t really bald, plus I actually thinks she looks way better with her hair short than she would have with long blond hair. Tonight, Ambreal has to deal with her fear of heights. I still don’t know the girls’ names, I don’t know why for some reason they don’t seem to stick with me.

Bionic Woman

BIONIC WOMAN “Faceoff” – 9pm NBC
I thought Bionic Woman was going to be one of the TV shows I would be most excited about this Fall, turns out it’s actually the show I usually watch last. I haven’t watched last week’s episode yet and I think it’s because I always feel like watching something else. I will probably catch up this week-end but Bionic Woman will have to come up with better storylines in order to keep me interested. I also think the fact that the boyfriend was killed off didn’t help, I really liked him in the pilot.

Private Practice

PRIVATE PRACTICE “In Which Addison Has A Very Casual Get-Together” – 9pm ABC
This is just an okay TV show for me, I am usually doing other things as I watch it. To me it’s definitely not as good as Grey’s Anatomy but entertaining enough for me to keep watching. We’ll see what Addison and co. are up to tonight.

Gossip Girl

GOSSIP GIRL “Dare Devil” – 9pm the CW
Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in… No but seriously, I really liked last week’s episode of Gossip Girl so I decided to stick with it for a while. So far I don’t really have any favorite character, or maybe I would say Gossip Girl is my favorite for now.


LIFE “What They Saw” – 10pm NBC
Ah another night with Damian Lewis. I am starting to think I have a thing for British and Australian actors… oh wait I do have a thing for British, Australian, Irish, and Scottish actors. So yeah, I love Life, but most of all I love Damian Lewis’ portrayal of Charlie Crews.

Dirty Sexy Money

DIRTY SEXY MONEY “The Chiavennasca” – 10pm ABC
Dirty Sexy Money has been a surprise for me, I still wouldn’t say that I’m in love with it, but I do enjoy it. It has some funny moments. I do wonder one thing: Am I the only one who feels the brother-sister relationship between Jeremy and Juliet Darling is a little bit ambiguous?

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