Spotlight on: KIEFER SUTHERLAND (Jack Bauer) from 24

Kiefer Sutherland as Jack Bauer in FOX’s 24


What he’s in: “24” which airs Mondays at 9pm on FOX – New season premiere January 2008

His Character: Jack Bauer, a key member to the Counter Terrorist Unit (CTU) Los Angeles. He helped prevent major terrorist attacks on the United States throughout the seasons of “24.”

Why we like him: Because he would risk his life (or at least Jack Bauer would) to save the lives of innocent people, at least once every season. But really, we just like to look at him, I mean who wouldn’t?
My love (maybe love is a strong word, but I couldn’t think of another one) for Kiefer Sutherland started after seeing him in “Stand By Me” when I was about 14 (I saw it on TV in case you’re wondering). I have been following his career ever since. He did play a lot of bad guys during his career, which I always wondered why I started liking him as a bad guy, but hey, the man can act so what can I say.
Actually now that I think about it, he is the only reason I was interested in “24” in the first place. Look at me know, I have followed every season to date and will keep watching until the day I die…okay that was a little bit dramatic, but you get the point.

Recent News: On September 25th, Kiefer Sutherland was arrested early morning on suspicion of DUI. Kiefer Sutherland pleaded no contest on October 9th in his drunken driving case and will begin serving a 48-day jail sentence while his Fox TV drama “24” begins its winter production break in December. He agreed to serve 30 days for driving with a blood-alcohol level above the legal limit of .08 per cent, as well as 18 days for violating his probation for a 2004 drunken driving case, according to court records. (Source: The Associtated Press)

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Kiefer Sutherland - Photo Kiefer Sutherland - Photo

Videos: The clip below takes a look at Kiefer Stutherland‘s long career in the industry. (There is a pretty long intro by Michael Douglas, but the Kiefer Sutherland video is worth it).

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