Since this was another crazy week for me and I didn’t have time to write many reviews about all the TV shows I watched, I decided to create one uberpost and recap some of my favorite moments from this week on TV.

Aliens In America

HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER – The whole threesome storyline cracked me up. Especially Barney’s desperate look at the end when trying to figure out if Ted did it. “You didn’t do it, you didn’t do it, you did it, you did it.” hahaha
Oh and I loved Robin’s line: “If I don’t shave I must behave.” Now isn’t that true.

PRISON BREAK – I have to talk about [SPOILERS] Sara’s head in the box, what the frak was that? Did they really have to kill her? I mean, Sara and Michael’s relationship was one of the reasons that I liked Prison Break. Even though they didn’t touch on it every episode, it was still there. I don’t know if this is a deal breaker for me, but I am definitely going to be harder on the show now, it will have to bring it for me to keep tuning in.

ALIENS IN AMERICA – OMG the second episode was so hilarious. I wasn’t convinced by Aliens In America after the pilot, but now it’s definitely on my schedule. I think I’m even giving Aliens In America a season pass. Scott Patterson is hilarious as the dad.

JOURNEYMAN – Still love that show, Dan is such a likable character and I love watching him going on his “trips.”

Gossip Girl - Bad News Blair

GOSSIP GIRL – I thought I was ready to give up on Gossip Girl but then I watched the third episode, “Bad News Blair,” and all of that changed. It finally felt like things were moving along and I am willing to stick around for a bit.

SMALLVILLE – I am so glad Lana is back, and Lex is back to his old tricks. It feels like Smallville again. Not sure how much I like Kara yet, but I guess I am waiting for her to get a major storyline to shine.

UGLY BETTY – I have to mention the first appearance of Freddy Rodríguez as Giovanni, the new Sandwich guy. How cute is he with Betty. I am smitten. Let’s have more of him. On a related not I cannot wait to see James Van Der Beek (Dawson’s Creek) on next week’s episode.

(Photos: Courtesy of the CW)