First Look: Kristen Bell in HEROES

Kristen Bell in HEROES

I didn’t think I could get more excited about HEROES, turns out I was wrong. In comes Kristen Bell. We have known about Kristen Bell getting cast in Heroes for a while but it seemed so far away at the time, it’s hard to believe the moment we have been waiting for is only two weeks away.

She will appear in the episode of Heroes entitled “Fight Or Flight” (2×5) which is set to air on October 22nd at 9pm on NBC. The photo above is the first one to be released so far, but I’m sure that we will get plenty more soon.

As far as the character Kristen Bell is playing in Heroes, we know that her name is Elle and here is one more thing I learned [SPOILER] Elle starts out in Ireland looking for Peter and willing to kill to find him. [END SPOILER]

It has been suggested that she might be a villain or at least an ambiguous character as to which side she’s really on. I personally think it might be refreshing to see a new side to Kristen Bell. Either way, it’ll be nice to her on TV again and will give me one more reason to be excited on Mondays.

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(Photo: Courtesy of NBC)