THE OFFICE gets a “Lauch Party”

The Office - Launch Party

Another wonderful episode of THE OFFICE aired last night. Here are some of my thoughts for the night.

I just want to take this time to mention the opening of the episode “Launch Party.” The obsession with the DVD screensaver square that very rarely touches a corner was one of the funniest things. And it’s probably sad for me to admit this, but I actually know how they felt because I have one of those screensavers with my DVD player and I sometimes find myself looking at it go around the screen hoping it’s going to touch the corner. I know I have no life, but you know the person who wrote that joke totally did the same thing at one point in their life, how else would they know about it?

Jim and Pam playing a trick on Dwight was classic Office and it’s nice to get some of that back.

Jim signing Meredith’s cast…so wrong…

I miss Ryan the temp…the new Ryan has not won me over as a bad guy yet…

The kidnapping didn’t make me laugh as much as the rest of the episode, but it was ok. It seems like Michael is doing some of the stupidest things lately, I guess that’s why we love him.

Andy singing ABBA’s “Take a Chance on Me” to Angela. Even though it started out as creepy, I ended up thinking it was really sweet, and now I love it!