Who needs “Viva Laughlin” when you have PUSHING DAISIES?

Pushing Daisies - Dummy (1x2)

Did I mention PUSHING DAISIES is my favorite TV show (with Moonlight of course)?

We finally were able to see the very anticipated second episode, and it’s was still as brilliant as the pilot. I had some more “Amelie” flashbacks with the whole narrated boarding school backstory of Ned, brilliant. If you haven’t seen “Amelie” yet and love Pushing Daisies, you need to see it, trust me.

I think the thing that makes Pushing Daisies so great is how original the look and feel of it is compared to every other TV show on TV right now.

Some Random Thoughts:

The Coroner – such a small part but such a great character. Each week he meets the trio as different experts and lets them through anyway with his signature “um-hum.” Love him.

Emerson’s “Dead girl’s gotta go” line.

Jeanine’s love for pies.

Digby the dog is adorable!

Favorite moments:

The Dandelion “fist” pound between Ned and Chuck.

The “kiss” between Ned and Chuck.

Ned and Chuck holding hands at the end.

Ned and Chuck.

And who could forget Kristin Chenoweth/Olive’s musical performance. As I said, who needs Viva Laughlin when you have Pushing Daisies?

(side note: I am worried that all the non-musical lover people did not appreciate this part as much as musical-lovers did. At least it didn’t last too long and didn’t take itself seriously so we should be ok.)