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Daemon's TV Fridays TV Schedule Fall 2007

Daemon's TV Choice

Ghost Whisperer

GHOST WHISPERER “Haunted Hero” – 8pm CBS
Melinda is back and helping a new ghost tonight. I recently found out that one of my friend likes Ghost Whisperer too, which was a big surprise because he is not the type of person I would imagine watching the Ghost Whisperer. But apparently, in his words: “Ghost Whisperer is awesome.” I rest my case…

Dog Whisperer

DOG WHISPERER – 8pm National Geographic
I am seriously running out of things to say about this TV show. Unlike series, every week is pretty much the same, except it’s with different dogs, and every week I am amazed at Cesar Millan’s skills.

Friday Night Lights

Last week was in one word: WOW! There are no other words to describe it. One of the best TV shows on TV right now. One of my friends even emailed me after he watched the second season premiere, this is what he had to say: “Okay, I watched the season premiere – definitely one of my top ten shows. Hands down, best thing I’ve seen so far. Consider me impressed…” This is coming from the guy who told me to watch Friday Night Lights in the first place.


MOONLIGHT “Dr. Feelgood” – 9pm CBS
My top favorite TV show. I think Moonlight is probably the TV show I look forward to the most every week. How will Beth deal with the whole “I’m a Vampire” line? That’s what I want to know. Check out photos from the episode “Dr. Feelgood” of Moonlight here.

Women's Murder Club

WOMEN’S MURDER CLUB “Welcome To The Club” – 9pm ABC
A new TV show from ABC. Do we even need new TV shows at this point? I’m really just going to watch the pilot for the principle but I am not expecting to keep watching. I’m not excited by the previews and I have no time, so really there is no reason for me to add an extra TV show to my weekly schedule at this point

The Soup

THE SOUP – 10pm E!
What surprises will Joel have for us tonight? This is my weekly recap of everything happening on TV that I am not watching. Short and sweet, perfect for someone who doesn’t have time to waste.


MEN IN TREES “A Tree Goes In Elmo” – 10pm ABC
I never watched this TV show, but it looks like it’s doing good since it’s already in its second season. I don’t think I’ll start watching any time soon, because 1) it’s too late 2) I am still not that interested in it.

BLOOD TIES “D.O.A.” – 11pm Lifetime
My friend told me about this TV show and oddly enough it sounds like Moonlight. I might want to check it out one of these days.

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