On Tonight, Thursday 10/11: THE OFFICE, SMALLVILLE, and more…

Daemon's TV Thursdays TV Schedule Fall 2007

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SMALLVILLE “Fierce” – 8pm the CW
Wow, it’s Thursday already?! I haven’t even seen last week’s Smallville yet, and it’s one of my favorite TV shows, so that’s saying something. Dammit I just realized I haven’t even really seen Supergirl yet. Tomorrow for sure it’s going to be Smallville day.

My Name Is Earl

MY NAME IS EARL “The Frank Factor” – 8pm NBC
I should be ashamed… I haven’t seen last week’s episode of My Name Is Earl yet. Hopefully I can catch up before next week. I need my weekly dose of Joy, seriously, I miss her…

Ugly Betty

UGLY BETTY “Betty’s Wait Problem” – 8pm ABC
Finally a TV show I am up to date with, Ugly Betty. I am still a fan and so far it has not disappointed me. Betty is still Betty and I just enjoy watching her every week.

The Office

THE OFFICE “Launch Party” – 9pm NBC
The best comedy on TV is back tonight with another hour long episode. And now that we know Joss Whedon is directing another episode this season, that’s one more reason to tune in. But who needs a reason to watch The Office anyway?

Grey's Anatomy

GREY’S ANATOMY “Let The Truth Sting” – 9pm ABC
So far I am liking this season of Grey’s Anatomy. I still wish the whole Izzie and George thing would happen already (even though I know it’s not going to happen). Why can’t he just tell Callie it’s over?! I want to say also that I am losing sympathy for Meredith, right now I am not a big fan. I hope she can win me over again.


ER “Officer Down” – 10pm NBC
So I’m thinking of giving up ER this season. I cannot believe I am saying this because I thought I would end up watching it until the end, but last week was really boring to me and with everything else on, the thought occurred to me that I should drop it. Especially since now there is no more Ray, and Luka is sort of MIA, I really lost my main interest in the show.

Mad Men

MAD MEN “Nixon vs. Kennedy” – 10pm AMC
Surprise, surprise, I am about two episodes behind on watching Mad Men. I am still committed to finish the season. I still really like it and it’s a nice break from the main network’s TV shows.

It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia

IT’S ALWAYS SUNNY IN PHILADELPHIA “Sweet Dee’s Dating A Retarded Person” & “Hundred Dollar Baby” – 10pm & 10:30pm FX
My new favorite TV show…ok maybe not my favorite but it has a special place in my heart. Every week, the writers come up with the most outrageous storylines, it’s great.

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