SIDE ORDER OF LIFE – Season Finale so much better than I could have hoped…

Side Order of Life - Season Finale - Becca and Ian

I don’t know if I want to laugh or cry! I LOVED the season finale but I cannot believe there won’t be another episode next week. Why are they doing this to me? SIDE ORDER OF LIFE just climbed up so high on my favorite TV shows list, it almost got to the top tonight. Lifetime has a new fan, they have given us a show that is as good if not better than what Network TV offers us.

Let me start by first saying I am so glad Ian Ziering wasn’t the real cell phone man because the real one was so much better than I could ever have expected.

I decided not to put a revealing picture of Cell Phone Man above so that I wouldn’t spoil those who hadn’t yet seen the season finale. But there are more pictures after the jump that do include him (’cause you know you want to see him) as well as the rest of my review.

Side Order of Life - Season Finale - Jenny (Marisa Coughlan) and Cell Phone Man (Steven Weber)

Steven Freaking Weber!!!!! I wanted to jump up and down when he turned around and we finally saw his face. This surprise comes just days after the announcement that Steven Weber was added to the cast of Brothers & Sisters. How cool is that? Turns out the producers were using his voice this whole time as cell phone man, smart people.

At first I was freaking out when cell phone man goes to meet Jenny at her work and thinks that Becca is Jenny. I was like “they can’t do this to us, they can’t make them not meet, they need to meet, I will die if they don’t meet” – welcome to the crazy mind of Sandie, but that pretty much was my train of thoughts at this moment. Thank God, it didn’t end there.

Side Order of Life - Season One Finale - Steven Weber

Steve Weber/cell phone man’s whole speech in the church to Becca who he thinks is Jenny just touched me so much, I had tears in my eyes. It’s probably one of the cutest love I have ever seen on TV…okay maybe not the cutest because I’m pretty sure Logan and Veronica are up there but they are a close second.

Oh and you know how I kept saying I wanted Ian and Jenny back together? I’m ok now, Ian can stay with Becca. Steven Weber/Cell phone man is just perfect for Jenny.

Rick and Vivi are now my next project. If Side Order of Life gets renewed, I want these two to get together.

I have so many thoughts in my mind it’s hard to put all of them down, but you get the point, Side Order of Life rocks!

Lifetime thank you for bringing such joy on my Sunday nights and please bring back this amazing show called Side Order of Life for a second season.

(Photos: Courtesy of Lifetime)