On Tonight, Tuesday 10/9: REAPER, HOUSE, and more…

Daemon's TV Tuesdays TV Schedule Fall 2007

Daemon's Choice


CAVEMEN “Nick Get Job” – 8pm ABC
Last week was pretty fun, so for now Cavemen will stay on my schedule. Not that I am in love with the show, but I want to see in what direction it’s going. I’m willing to keep watching it for another week or two and see if they grab my attention for longer.


CARPOOLERS “Laird of the Rings” – 8:30pm ABC
I feel the same way about Carpoolers that I feel about Cavemen. Fun TV show, I’ll give it a few more episodes. But since I keep repeating that I have too many TV shows on my schedule, it will have to get a lot better for me to keep tuning in every week.


REAPER “All Mine” – 9pm CW
I am liking this TV show more and more. Last week was another great episode of Reaper and I’m having such a fun time watching Sam coming to terms with his new “job.” Seriously, it still makes me laugh: “The Devil’s Bounty Hunter” – now that’s a cool concept.


HOUSE “97 Seconds” – 9pm FOX
Now that more than half of the candidates have been fired, competition gets tougher. Who will House choose to replace Foreman, Chase and Cameron? It appears as though this choice has already been made behind-the-scenes (which I’ll talk about later on so as not to spoil anyone). I keep repeating it, I’m am loving House more and more this season. Check out some pictures from tongiht’s episode of House “97 Seconds” here.


DAMAGES “I Hate These People” – 10pm FX
Damages is a really intriguing TV show to me. I wonder what the whole “conspiracy” will turn out to be. Although I do wonder where they can go once that everything is explained. Would they come up with a new “conspiracy” and create a show a la 24? Something to think about.

LA Ink

LA INK “Kat’s In Love” – 10pm TLC
My fun relaxing reality show, LA Ink always relaxes me.There is nothing that I can say about LA Ink that I haven’t said before. The tattoos are always really good and everyone is fun to watch.

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