MOONLIGHT – “I’m a vampire”…

Moonlight - Season 1 Episode 2 - Out of the PastI have been raving about MOONLIGHT for a while now and I am glad to say that the second episode did not disappoint me at all.

Of all the new TV shows this fall season, Moonlight is by far one of the best for me. I wanted to mention a few things that stood out for me.

The case – The whole Lee Jay Spaulding story was not the most interesting part of the episode but it was good enough to get the whole episode going and getting us to where we need to go.

Josef – We got more of Josef (Jason Dohring) this episode. So far I don’t mind Josef, I’m just not sure what his character is about. I still feel like they haven’t really defined him yet and I am waiting for him to get his breakout scene in the future.

The love storyMoonlight would be nothing without the sexual tension between Mick and Beth. That’s on of the reasons I love the show so much. I gotta say though, how can they give Beth a boyfriend, who lives with her nonetheless…damn you writers!!!! I know it adds more drama and that’s what creates a new dimension to the relationship, but still, poor Mick 🙁

The vampire theory – I think this is one of the only things that I was confused about in the episode. In the interview with a vampire bit that introduced Moonlight, Mick St. John mentions how the only thing that kills vampires is if they lose their head or get burned. In this episode however, Lee Jay mentions how he read about vampires and that wooden stakes through the heart paralyzes them and that silver is like poison to them. So which is it? Was Lee Jay right? Or was Mick hurt just as a result of the bullet no matter what they are made of. If you remember, in episode one, it took Mick some time to heal form the wound, so I assumed that’s what was happening in this second episode and that it wasn’t really the silver. But then Mick gets home and starts drinking blood apparently to gain back his strength, so it seems like the silver bullet were poisonous to him. They need to clear this up in the future.

The cliffhanger – That last line was pretty awesome – “I’m a vampire.” I didn’t think it would come out that soon, but I think it’s great that they are not wasting episodes and making us wait for the big reveal. They took out the big guns and are laying everything they have right from the start of the show. I think this is a smart move. It keeps people interested and on their toes.

Moonlight is a must-watch on my list. Some people hated it and some people loved it. It’s up to you to make your own mind. So what will it be? Are you in? Or are you out?

(Photo: Courtesy of CBS)