MOONLIGHT – Photos from “Dr. Feelgood” (1×3)

Moonlight - Dr. Feelgood - Alex O'Loughlin

Have I not professed my love for MOONLIGHT enough? Moonlight is slowly getting to be my all around favorite show this season. And with the look of the pictures below, I cannot wait to see more of Beth and Mick together.

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Episode Description: “Dr. Feelgood”
Still reeling from Mick’s revelation about his identity, a cautious Beth struggles as she helps him track down a blood-thirsty, renegade vampire who doesn’t know how to deal with his killer urges.

Moonlight - "Dr. Feelgood" Mick and Beth Moonlight - "Dr. Feelgood" Beth

Moonlight - "Dr. Feelgood" Mick St. John Moonlight - "Dr. Feelgood" Josef Moonlight - "Dr. Feelgood" Mick and Coraline

Moonlight - "Dr. Feelgood" Mick St. John

(Photos: Courtesy of CBS)