It’s not Life, it’s TV!


First, I wanted to apologize for not having posted any TV reviews for the week yet. There is just so much to watch, not only am I falling behind, I am starting to mix up the storylines of all the TV shows I am watching. Serioulsy, it’s pretty bad.

I am starting to look forward to TV some shows getting cancelled (not the ones I love of course ’cause that’s not cool) so that it would free up some time. If that doesn’t happen soon, I might have to make some tough decisions.

I don’t understand why networks insist on putting the best shows on the same nights at the same time, all that does is just split ratings and force good shows to get cancelled. I am starting to think that some shows will get cancelled not because they are bad, but because they are facing established or tough competition. Why can’t the networks coordinate their TV show schedule? It would make my life so much easier. Of course, I know that’s unrealistic, but it’s nice to dream.

For now, I am going to recap a few shows really quickly, so get ready, here I go:

  • K-VILLE – I decided to drop K-Ville. I gave it a chance, but I realized that I didn’t really get into it and with everything else that I need to watch, I just cannot fit it in my schedule anymore. Sorry:-(
  • CHUCK – I am still a fan. Chuck is just so funny, poor thing having to deal with crazy stuff like people who want to kill him…
  • HOUSE – Cameron and Chase are back in the hospital and it took House 3 weeks to notice, he is losing his touch I am telling you. Ha! The episode was hilarious and one of my favorite parts has to be with House firing a row (can’t remember which one) and then seeing a pretty girl leave and then firing another row to keep her as a candidate. Then number 6 who becomes number 9. Yeah, I am liking this season a lot right now. Now if only Foreman could come back, it would just be heaven.
  • Reaper

  • REAPER – This show makes me laugh a lot, Sam really has it tough. I actually like Reaper better than Chuck so far. The whole devil bounty hunter thing just gets me. Looking forward to seeing more of it. Oh and if Kevin Smith would direct another episode, that would be super cool by me.
  • GOSSIP GIRL – I’m starting to have issues with Gossip Girl. I don’t know if it can keep me interested with all the other shows out there. I might give it another week or two, but if it doesn’t pick up, I might have to drop it too. What can I say, choices have to be made.
  • PRIVATE PRACTICE – The second episode was pretty strong and I have to admit the story was pretty heartbreaking. But, it’s not one of my favorites this season. Let’s put it like this, if you don’t have time to watch as much TV as I do and need to make a choice of what to watch, (if you usually agree with my favorite shows) then you might want to consider dropping it Private Practice, there are other shows that I would recommend more. That being said, I enjoy Private Practice and it will remain on my schedule.
  • UGLY BETTYUgly Betty is such a sweet show and has such a different tone that I am used to, it’s very relaxing. I am looking forward to seeing Freddy Rodriguez, from what I could see in the preview, next week. I can’t think of any other thing to mention about it, but it might be because my brain can’t think at the moment.

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I promise more reviews will be coming soon.