On Tonight, Thursday 10/4: SUPERNATURAL, THE OFFICE, and more…

Daemon's TV Thursdays TV Schedule Fall 2007

Daemon's Choice


SMALLVILLE “Kara” – 8pm the CW
Tonight we finally meet Kara a.k.a Supergirl. That girl will have to work it because I am very protective of Smallville and take some time to warm up to newcomers. Look at some pictures from the episode here.

My Name Is Earl

MY NAME IS EARL “The Gangs of Camden County” – 8pm NBC
I am so ashamed because I haven’t even watched last week’s episode yet. This is bad, I can’t keep up anymore and this is a show I really enjoy watching. Homework: Watch both episode of My Name Is Earl for next week.

Ugly Betty

UGLY BETTY “Family/Affair” – 8pm ABC
After getting such a sad episode last week I need some laughs this week. Plus Henry is back so that’s exciting. Oh and I have to mention this because I recently watched the two seasons of Extras, I look at Christina (Ashley Jensen) in a whole new way now. If you haven’t seen Extras, watch it and you’ll know what I mean. I love that character by the way.

30 Rock

30 ROCK “SeinfeldVision” – 8pm NBC
I felt obligated to mention this show as one of our choices because it has been getting so many good reviews and my friends swear by it. I personally never really watched 30 Rock (I know, shame on me) but I’m thinking of giving it a shot when things come down a bit, because right now that’s pretty much impossible.

The Office

THE OFFICE “Dunder-Mifflin Infinity” – 9pm NBC
Dear Office, why must you only come on TV once a week? Why can’t everyday be Office day? After a great premiere last week, we get another hour long episode this week. I think this one-hour thing should become a regular thing. I mean after the one-hour episode I still want more, what am I going to do when it goes back to the 30 minutes format?

Grey's Anatomy

GREY’S ANATOMY “Love/Addition” – 9pm ABC
Yes, George finally confessed his love for Izzie, unfortunately it might not turn out the way I was hoping for. I hope this episode doesn’t leave me crying, I really can’t take it anymore.


SUPERNATURAL “The Magnificent Seven” – 9pm the CW
Supernatural is back tonight. I would be excited but since I’m still catching up on season one, at this point I’m just trying to stay away from spoilers. Check out some picture from the season premiere here.

Law & Order: CI

LAW & ORDER: CI “Amends” – 10pm USA
The truth is I never watched any Law & Order show on a regular basis, but I do enjoy the occasional episode. I decided to mention the premiere of Law & Order: CI because 1) it’s starting on a new network, USA, that has shows I love 2) I have been a fan of Vincent D’Onofrio for a while (ever since I saw him in this interesting film called “Guy”).


ER “In A Different Life” – 10pm NBC
I know lots of people are wondering if people are still watching this show, turns out I am. It’s not on my top list, but I do enjoy some of the storylines and some of the characters.

Mad Men

MAD MEN “Indian Summer” – 10pm AMC
I just caught up on the show today and I still adore it. It’s just so smart, well-written, and well-acted. Just for the record though, I would probably have killed myself if I was living then as a woman. The saddest thing is that one of my friends made me realize things haven’t really changed that much in offices…

It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia

IT’S ALWAYS SUNNY IN PHILADELPHIA “The Gang Sells The Bar” & “Frank Sets Sweet Dee On Fire” – 10pm & 10:30pm FX
I had never gotten that interested in It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia for the first two seasons, but after watching the first few episodes of season 3, the show is now officially on my schedule. I think the thing that sealed the deal for me is this guy.

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