Criminal Minds

Last week has been crazy. It would be ok I guess if all I had to do all day was watch TV, unfortunately, that’s not how life goes. So here are some quick reviews from last week.

    HOUSE – I am glad House is back. The first episode actually made me laugh quite a bit. The whole Wilson thing with House erasing his soap opera, so funny, and then Wilson getting revenge by stealing House’s guitar. Finally, the last scene just sets up the “survivor” storyline we have been waiting for. I cannot wait to see what House puts everyone through. Since today is Tuesday, it means we get a whole new episode tonight.
    CRIMINAL MINDS – I don’t usually watch Criminal Minds, but I decided to watch the season premiere out of curiosity because of the whole Mandy Patinkin drama. First of all (spoilers alert) I thought Mandy Patinkin would only appear in one scene from the episode, but he was there the whole episode, which is fine by me because he is one of the reasons I like Criminal Minds. However, I have to give thumbs down to the way they decided to make him leave the show. Seriously, suicide? That’s the best they could come up with? Gideon would not kill himself, I find this very hard to believe. Why couldn’t he just leave? Oh well, since it’s probably the only episode I’m going to watch this season, I can’t really complain.
    GOSSIP GIRL – The second episode was good enough to keep me coming back, but I’m worried that it might not be enough to keep me interested the whole season.
    PRIVATE PRACTICE – I actually like Private Practice, it’s really different from Grey’s Anatomy so I try not to think of it as a spin off. For now it will stay on my weekly schedule.
    SMALLVILLE – After month of waiting to find out the fate of Chloe and Lana, I was a little disappointed that the premiere was not as satisfying as I expected. The good thing I guess (spoiler alert) is that at least we found out that Lana was still alive.