PRISON BREAK – Episode 4 Photos “Good Fences”

Prison Break -

Look at some PRISON BREAK photos from the 4th episode entitled “Good Fences.”

I liked this week’s episode entitled “Call Waiting” but I was sort of annoyed by the way they handled the whole Sara character. I’ll expand more on that later. For now, enjoy the pictures.

“Good Fences” airs Monday, October 8th at 8pm on FOX.

(Note: The episode description and photos below might contain minor spoilers of next week’s episode, read at your own risk.)

More pictures after the jump and the episode descritpion.

Episode Description: After his failed attempt to rescue LJ and Sara, Lincoln receives a deadly warning from The Company. Michael formulates an electrifying escape plan from Sona. Mahone is haunted by a face from the past. T-Bag crawls up the ladder as Bellick lands in hot water with Lechero.

Prison Break - "Good Fences" Prison Break - "Good Fences"

Prison Break - "Good Fences"

(Photos: Bill Matlock ©2007 Fox Broadcasting Co.)