Early Look: JOURNEYMAN second episode “Friendly Skies”


The nice people at NBC were kind enough to send me a screener from the second episode of JOURNEYMAN entitled “Friendly Skies” which airs on Monday.

It’s no secret that Journeyman is one of my favorite new shows and after watching the second episode, I can tell you that it’s still as good as the first episode if not better. Without giving anything away from the plot let me give you a few of my thoughts.

The second episode picks up where we left off last week with Dan (Kevin McKidd) traveling back in time again in order to help someone new. I really enjoy the way they set up the show. It creates conflict because Dan doesn’t know when he will “leave” or when he will come back. This creates some funny situations and some not so funny ones. If you liked the pilot, you’re in for a new treat.

The thing that appealed to me about the pilot is the formula, and even though this can be interpreted as a negative word, I use it here positively. What I mean with formula is that Journeyman is constructed in a way that each episode you get a new “mystery” where Dan (Kevin McKidd) travels through time and changes people’s lives, which makes it easy for people to just jump in at any point during the season. In addition, you have the overall mystery of why this is happening to him and what really happened to Livia, which rewards people for watching the show every week. If you think about it, this is very close to how Veronica Mars was set-up. Each week she would get a new case and in addition try to solve the overall mystery of the season.

Journeyman has been compared to Quantum Leap, and even though some people look at it as a negative thing, it’s one of the reasons I wanted to watch Journeyman in the first place. I have been waiting for a while to see a new show that would excite me as much as Quantum Leap used to. Why not make a new show that uses the same idea and modernize it? Because let’s face it, young people watching TV right now have probably never watched Quantum Leap in their lives, so why not bring them a show that will touch them the way Quantum Leap touched me? Isn’t that why Hollywood makes so many remakes of old movies?

Journeyman -

I would be the first one to criticize Journeyman if it wasn’t good, but the thing is, it is good. Kevin McKidd won me over in the first few minutes and I hadn’t seen him in anything before that (if you’re wondering, I never watched Rome, but now I want to), he makes me want to tune in and find out what new adventures he will be thrown into.

After watching the second episode, I cannot wait to see the third episode and the fourth and the fifth and the… Seriously though, give Journeyman a chance and try to look at it for what it is and not what it reminds you of. Yes, it takes some ideas from previous shows, but which show doesn’t take ideas from somewhere else? In fact, I have heard some people say that Heroes took its idea from a comic book called Rising Stars and even though it’s not exactly the same story, Rising Stars is about a group of ordinary people who get powers. Reminds you of anything? Doesn’t mean Heroes is not one of the most awesome show on TV or that it wasn’t just a coincidence. You get my point.

In case you’re still not sure, I love Journeyman and really hope that you will tune in to see the second episode. And in order to convince you, let me just tell you there is a pretty funny moment in an airplane in the upcoming episode. Are you convinced?

Look at a clip from the second episode of Journeyman here.

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