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DEXTER “It’s Alive!” – 9pm Showtime
Our favorite serial killer is back! It seems he just left… maybe it’s because he literally just left for me (if you have read my review of Dexter, then you know I just finished watching the first season two days ago.) Either way, I am so glad I will get to see the new adventures of Dexter tonight. And for those who are not on the Dexter train yet, what are you waiting for?

Side Order Of Life

SIDE ORDER OF LIFE “Aliens” – 9pm Lifetime
Last week was the big reveal of who cell phone man was, none other than Ian Ziering (check out some pictures here) how cool is that? In tonight’s episode, Jenny and cell phone man Brian are on their first “official” date. This show is just so cute, it puts me in a good mood when I watch it. Did I mention I want Ian and Jenny back together?…Yes I did, I have been mentioning it the last few weeks… well, I still do.

Desperate Housewives

Desperate Housewives starts a whole new season tonight. I like Desperate Housewives, but am not as excited about the new season as I have been for past seasons. What I am excited about is seeing Nathan Fillion in his new role as a Desperate Husband.

Family Guy

FAMILY GUY “Movin’ Out (Brian’s Song)” – 9pm FOX
With last week’s episode of Family Guy, it’s safe to say that the show is back in full force! I am so surprised at some of the stuff FOX lets Family Guy do. Not that I dislike it, but it’s so outrageous sometimes I wonder if FOX is going to cut to that big ball from the Emmys.

American Dad

AMERICAN DAD “Vacation Goo” – 9:30pm FOX
Even though American Dad is not as funny as Family Guy, it has its moments. My favorite character is Klaus, the german fish, he cracks me up.

Brothers & Sisters

BROTHERS & SISTERS “Home Front” – 10pm ABC
I know someone who’s happy this show is back tonight (*coughPhilippcough*). The Walkers are back with new stories that will make use laugh and cry. It was one of the surprises from last season for me, I didn’t expect to like it but after watching the pilot, I entered the Walker clan and became a member.


I have never watched this show, but it actually sounds fun. I just don’t have time or space on my DVR to record it, plus it’s a reality show, which means it goes to the bottom of my list. Still, it’s back and I’m sure lots of people are going to be happy to get a Home Makeover.

BROTHERHOOD “One Too Many Mornings 3:4-8” – 10pm Showtime
I never got into that show, I don’t even think I finished the pilot. I was probably not in the mood for that type of show at the time. It’s too bad because I really like Jason Isaacs who plays one of the main characters, Michael Caffee. I mean come on the man is Lucius Malfoy for crying out loud. How did this conversation get to Harry Potter again?

Also tonight, Cold Case (9pm CBS), Shark (10pm CBS).

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